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Our new betting sites uk analyze opinions on the main best sports betting sites. We offer our users the best information so you can choose the best operator for you.

These are our best qualified betting houses that we reviewed and confirmed. click on the chosen one to visit the sports betting site.

Best Sports Betting sites:

Ladbrokes Sports

Ladbrokes Sport betting bookmaker




888 Sport

888sport betting



Stay updated with the best bookmakers , tricks and promotions from the world of online betting.

We work exhaustively analyzing all the activity of the betting houses that operate in your country.

we bring you in an updated way your best exclusive promotions, welcome bonuses and quotas of the best online bookmakers.
with the best tips and tricks to get the most out of your online bets.

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The best sport betting sites for the World Cup 2018


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trusted sport bookmakers site you can bet on.

before start betting there is a few things you should ask yourself as a gambler in other to have the best experience

• What are the best sports betting houses?
• Which gaming operator best suits my needs?
• Which bookmaker works best poker? And the casino games? And sports betting?
• How do I find the best odds, promotions and welcome bonuses?
• Can you become a VIP player and betting houses have a Premium deal with me?

These are regular questions we always had and we bring for you the best of the best  and we would show you how we do analyzed these sites.

the best of Sports Betting sites

 analyzed best bookmakers sites

Submitting to all online betting houses and operators an exhaustive analysis and test based on these criteria:

1. Welcome bonuses and promotions:

The first hook of all bookmakers: free money to play? I’m in!
But everything that glitters is not gold and we have to know how to distinguish between the offer that they make us and the conditions that we must fulfill in order to obtain it.

In this online betting portal we analyze and answer the following questions about these bonuses:

• Free bets: Can we use the welcome bonus to make free bets?
• Deposits: What is the minimum amount that we must deposit? And the maximum?
• Bonus: What is the maximum bonus amount granted?
• Conditions: What conditions must be met in order to receive the bonus? When and how can the voucher be paid? How long will it take to receive it?
• Promotions: Are there extra promotions in other operator games? Are there bonuses for recharge or extras? What advantages do I get if I am a member of a VIP club?

Sports Betting Welcome Bonuses

If you are a follower of sports and sports betting, you can find some websites that grant exclusive bonuses for deposits destined for sports betting.

You will receive a specific amount of money for your bets, which you can make to a great variety of sports disciplines.

Normally, these bonuses are associated with betting with a specific minimum quota in a sporting event.

Remember also that in the casino websites where you also have sports bets, the single wallet systems work.

Meaning, the money you have in your player account can be transferred from one product to another.

2. The offer of online bets

Each operator offers a whole series of bets, which vary depending not only on the number of sports and games offered, but also on their typology, temporarily, if they are linked to any type of event, etc …

What is an online betting market?
A betting market includes all the betting options available in a given country, sport or game.

3. Fees on sport betting :

bookmakers quotas?

The fee is the benefit that the user receives for each bet amount as the net profit plus the bet amount.
and margins usually range between 5 and 10%
The quotas and margins vary, but in mycasinotop we will establish an average and its valuation for each of the best bookmakers, so that users can choose the operator that best suits them.

4. Live new betting sites uk:

This is one of the most decisive factors when making online bets, as they are usually linked to events that have a great media impact.
these types of bets usually assume the best opportunities.

important to know : Not all parties and events are usually available. The bookmakers have to maintain a balance when it comes to offering the most popular events and users know how to take advantage of the fees associated with these great events.

Of course given the problems and restrictions associated with the rights of emission of the big leagues and tournaments limit this possibility to smaller championships or less demanded parties. In these cases, and in which there is no possibility of streaming any events.

Calendar: in a market so full of tournaments, events and other outstanding events in the field of sports, that the betting house has a good calendar that collects them is essential.

It is also a useful and necessary tool for those more professional online gamblers, who want to plan their next bets.

5. Design and usability in sport betting site

The digital platforms of the best betting houses can be a jungle for users, whether they are experienced or newcomers to the game world.
Let’s think that there are dozens of sports, competitions, hundreds (even) thousands of matches and betting options …
That is why a good design and usability of the menus and outstanding information, that allows navigating in an agile and intuitive way through this jungle of data, will be another factor that we know how to value.


6. Security on sport betting sites

Money is not played, especially if it is ours. Can we trust online betting houses? How can we be sure of that? For the account that it brings, online gaming operators are interested in having a good image: after all their reputation and integrity can bring (or take away) thousands of potential users.:

Whether the platform is secured or not: the one that can access a website that has SSL certification and operates under the HTTPS protocol is the minimum.

• From which country does it operate? It may not be the same to deal with a company whose base is in Malta or Gibraltar than one that does it from our country.
• Do you have a license to operate in our country?
• Do you have certifications that validate your platform at the level of youth protection and against addiction as ‘Fair Play’, ‘Self-exclusion’, etc …?
• Is your customer service complete and effective?
• Do they respect the privacy of users complying with the laws in this regard?
• Are your terms and conditions, both general and specific in the field of welcome bonuses, promotions, etc … clear?

These are very important questions that each house of
Bets must include in its offer of services and digital platform to obtain our seal of trust. Discover more about

7.Payment methods on betting sites:

A fundamental safety factor, which deserves a separate study and analysis.

Deposit method Payment

Visa and MasterCard (debit and associated versions), Diners Club, American Express, E-wallets . An almost universal option among bookmakers.
It is not usual for bookmakers to use this method to pay their users.

Paysafecard, Ukash.

These prepaid methods are very popular and we can find them available in most online gaming operators.

Paysafecard has acquired Ukash, so within a short period of time only the first will be an option. Being a prepaid method, the option of having the betting house pay us our earnings through them is not contemplated.


One of the most popular options already, both for users and for bookmakers. It goes way (if it is not already) of becoming the standard of payments and purchases by Internet. Virtually all bookmakers accept it as a method of payment and even allow associating the account to perform all processes.
Bank transfer and checks.

They are usually accepted at times, although it is not the safest and most agile method.
In rare cases the bookmakers accept payments with this format.

In addition to this list, which does not cover all options but the most common ones, we also study and value the commissions that have associated (in case they do), the maximum and minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts, as well as the terms for them.
And it is that choosing which method of payment we are going to select is also key for any good player.

8. Other gambling offers: Casino, Poker, Bingo

Not only sports bettor lives (or if), so also in my casino top we analyze the rest of online gambling and betting possibilities offered by the best bookmakers.

Among those options we will find and analyze:
Other sports games:  associated with both football and other sports.

• Casino: including different types of roulette, card games such as Blackjack or Baccarat and popular Slots.
• Bingo: one of the most popular games of chance of all time also has a place in the world of betting houses.
• Poker: if football is the king of sports, what about poker? The card game par excellence is essential in the offer of bookmakers and a passion that moves millions of players in the world that we have to help with our analysis.