What are the disadvantages of mobile gambling ?

Even though mobile gaming has several advantages, there are a few cons that most people don’t know. Mobile gambling is fun, and its availability makes it endearing to more gamblers. Aside from addiction, mobile gambling has several drawbacks that most online gamblers need to know. If you are a first-time mobile gambler, then you need to read this to educate yourself. Read and learn the disadvantages of mobile gambling.

Technical issues

No app is exempted from technical hitches, including mobile applications. Most often, you can only play with your mobile apps when the internet connection is strong. If the internet goes down, the application may not load; if it does, it will be very slow. More so, mobile application hitches can affect your game while playing. Also, technical hitches on your mobile application can happen anytime, even when you’re winning.

Limitation of features

Most often, the mobile application features are not the same as the desktop features. In other words, you’re likely to find all the features of the game or casino website on the desktop version. Therefore, before you start downloading a game’s mobile application, read reviews and learn about the limitations.

Memory space

Most mobile gaming applications use a lot of memory space on your device. Therefore, it is advisable to check the mobile application’s size before you download it. If the memory space on your device is low, the mobile application will not function optimally. Meanwhile, Mr Green Casino and Drake Casino platforms don’t require a mobile application to access them.


One of the banes of mobile gaming is addiction. Gambling addiction can ruin your future and destroy your finances. The availability and accessibility of mobile applications make it difficult to stop or reduce gambling addiction. However, top online casinos have mobile applications with responsible gambling features such as certain deposit limitations.


The greatest advantage of mobile gaming applications is that it allows you to play anytime and anywhere. However, the advent of mobile gaming apps can also negatively affect your private life. For instance, you can become addicted to mobile gambling. Finally, ensure that you download mobile gambling applications that have responsible gambling features. Features such as time and deposit limitations will help you track how long you play on the app and the amount deposited.

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