The 9 best movies about gamblers in 2020

Movies about gambling always have an aspect of drama as they are all about taking a risk. Such movies have different endings as there are instances where actors emerge victorious, while others, ‘lose’ everything. 

Jacek Michałski loves spinning slots and watching movies during his free time. We have checked his profile and decided to ask him to give us some tips on which gambling movies are worth our time.


This movie appears on Top All-Time Favorites lists. It is a movie that is based on a mob-controlled casino gambling in the City of Las Vegas and features Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci as the main characters. Robert De Niro is the owner of the Casino, and he is known for his connections with mafias while the latter is famous for his erratic behavior.

The Sting

The entertainment and gambling worlds are always interconnected. That is why you will find movie-themed slots at sites like betamo casino and plenty of movie titles such as The Sting.

This classic is a worthy mention in the top gambling movies’ list and features Robert Redford and Paul Newman as the main characters. They play the role of two con men where one is just a newbie conman while the other has perfected the conman ship’s art. The movie is full of twists that you are unlikely to find in a typical gambling movie.

Casino Royale

It is hard to talk about movies and casinos and fail to mention James Bond (played by Daniel Craig). He takes the role of a poker player and the movie is set at bottleneck speed. The movie has an unforgettable scene where the main character, James Bond, takes part in the all-or-nothing game.

The Hustler

It is a movie that brings a classic tale set in the modern era. The movie can be described as one of those classics that incorporates pool-halls and back rooms that were very vital to creating the modern US gambling industry.

The Cincinnati Kid

The movie revolves around Steve McQueen, an upcoming gambler who plays against a known high-roller, Lancey Howard. Howard agrees to take on Steve as he views him as a kid who has only made his name through backdoor games and does not thus pose any serious competition. The movie’s culmination is when both players raise their stakes in the finale, where only one emerges the winner.

The Gambler

James Caan players the role of a university professor in the Gambler movie, and he has a gambling addiction. His gambling addiction gets worse as the movie progresses, and he enters a state of self-destruction. The movie gives good lessons on the addiction of any kind as we see James Caan get deep into debt as he tries to maintain his lifestyle.


It was of the few casino movies that are based on a true story. The movie was set before the era of online gambling but still strikes the right chords among movies and gambling fans worldwide. Kevin Spacey, a math professor, trains a group of talented students on how to count cards in casinos in Vegas, which ultimately leads to a thrilling tale of betrayal, hedonism, and adrenaline-fuelled trickery.


Matt Damon is the main character in this movie during his youthful days. He plays the role of an entrepreneur who pays for his school fees through the proceeds he gets from the poker table. Rounders also features prominent faces such as John Malkovich and Edward Norton and depicts some of the best poker strategies that gamblers can try.

The Cooler

Created by Wayne Kramer, the movie has William H. Macy as the main character. Macy assumes the ‘cooler’ role where his bad luck makes him be employed by casinos where he stands at the table of punters on hot streaks. The casino’s house edge changes without fail, but his fortunes later change to become the charm of every gambler in Vegas and his employers start losing.


The list of gambling-based is endless. The good news is that we have composed a list of some of the best. You will for sure find a new favorite gambling movie, if you don’t already have one. We hope you enjoy your binge-watch!

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