Are eSports Likely to Become a More Common Feature at Online Casinos?

Competitive gaming is getting bigger every year and looks set to hit staggering heights by the mid-2020s. Needless to say, the casino industry wants a piece of this incredibly lucrative pie. There are already several eSports stadiums attached to casinos in Macao and Las Vegas, and now the online link between the two sectors is becoming more apparent. It could be that in a few years, eSports is a regular feature of online casinos. A lot of sites have already started to integrate it.


ESports a Natural Fit

Online casino operators have always been willing to adapt to changes in the general gaming landscape, and have tried to jump on bandwagons as soon as they arise. This is why the sites have become such vast gaming hubs that offer a wide array of different games in various formats. Adding eSports to the list of offerings isn’t out of the question at all, and it seems like competitive gaming and casinos could be a perfect fit. is a new online casino that has embraced the eSports revolution, and already offers markets on many games. In addition to this, it has various slots, scratch cards, and table games that are essential for an online casino to succeed in this day and age. By marketing itself as a site for eSports betting, this gaming hub can attract a much broader range of people than many of its rivals. It could draw in fans of computer games with its eSports offerings, and then entice them to play other casino games while they are there.

A lot of land-based casinos have built eSports arenas that allow people to watch games in action. It could be the case that online casinos start to do the same thing, and begin to live stream the major eSports events as a way to appeal to this ever-growing crowd.

Could Potentially Lead to Hybrid Games

Simply having eSports exist on the same sites as online casino games is a sure-fire way to widen the demographic in the industry. But over time, this partnership could be enhanced even more, and it may lead to some sort of crossover between eSports and casino games.


This could happen in different ways. One fairly likely option is that slot machine developers will begin to use popular eSports titles as themes for their games. There have been plenty of slot games based on video games in the past, and recognisable eSports could look attractive in this format. Another idea could be to incorporate elements of eSports within the slot games themselves. This could include skill-based side games that require players to use the strategies that they’ve learnt from playing eSports.

The eSports industry has grown so much in the last ten years, it’s almost frightening to think where it will be in another decade. Partnering with online casinos will be highly beneficial for the next stage of its development, and this could lead to new, hybrid casino games in the future.

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