Are Japanese Online Casinos the Next Big Thing?

Did you know that Japan was one of the first countries where gaming was born? The wise Japanese samurai used to be distinguished by their zeal of gaming. Later, casinos began to appear, but unfortunately, with it came debtors. 

As a result, the government had to prohibit all gaming for a certain time. The Japanese did not, however, forget the excitement of gaming. Though not legal, the gaming industry continued to develop and at some point, the government had to cave in. 

Today, the government allows several forms of gambling like virtual because it has a positive impact on the country’s economy. 

Software Developers

Some of the best software developers come from japan, so it would be a pity if they didn’t create something for the Japanese market. The largest software companies in the world can be traced back to Japan. In fact, there are many that have branched out to other parts of the world. 

In the late 90s, many software developers based in Japan specialized in slot video games and gaming machines. Many of the popular products from this time are still in use even today. Some of the titles that gamblers are familiar with include African Diamond, Chip City, China Shores, and Ancient Dragons. 

Game Licenses

The only way to get a game license in Japan is if you’ll open a room with pachinko machines. Pachinko parlors have been around for ages and they are not prohibited according to Japan’s gambling laws. 

To open a gaming parlor, the relevant authorities have to first ascertain that you don’t have a criminal record. Anyone who has contacts with the mafia cannot be granted a gaming license. 

Before you open a Pachinko room, law enforcement has to assess your gaming machines to ensure they satisfy all the necessary technical requirements.

Note that Pachinko rooms cannot be located close to universities and other learning institutions, medical establishments or nurseries, as well as public libraries. 

Once you’re granted a gaming license, it is upon you to renew it from time to time. It’s also your responsibility to make sure that persons under 18 years do not visit your parlor. 

Game Development in Japan

Since gaming has been around in Japan for such a long time, the prospects for the development of the gaming industry is promising. Tokyo is the city where great representatives meet up to discuss and plan for the construction of casino hotels. 

The relevant authorities made it clear that the authorization of gambling houses will not be temporary. The development of the gaming industry will continue even after the period of the Olympiad elapses. 

Because of this, the situation for players and operators is bound to change moving forward. While initially, both parties did not have much freedom; the passing of the law of legalization allows the gambling scene to come to life. 

The legalization of Online Casinos in Japan 

An introduction to the online casino industry of Japan makes one thing clear; the sector stands on shaky grounds. Gambling and online casino gaming will take a while to hold ground because the country has always adopted a traditional perspective towards gaming and gambling. In fact, the government is still amid discussions and debates on the legalization of online casinos. 

Meanwhile, it would interest you to know that オンラインcasino means online casino in Japanese. The fact that online casinos have a connotation in the native language is a clear sign that the Japanese are familiar with gambling. 

While gamblers wait for the enactment of the Casino Bill, many are getting their fix from internationally-licensed and overseas-run online gambling platforms. For now, casino operators cannot run their online casinos within the territories of japan just yet. 

Is cryptocurrency gambling legal in Japan?

Another matter that political readers have been weighing on is whether allowing cryptocurrency gambling in Japan is a good idea. It has been two decades now, and the political class have not yet arrived at a solid conclusion. 

According to Article 185 of the Japanese Penal Code, gambling activity is prohibited in Japan. This act established that owning and running a casino house is a criminal offense, punishable by Japanese law. 

However, online wagering is allowed for public sports, lottery and soccer too. This means that if Japanese gamblers want access to online casino games, they have to register with foreign casino websites. 

Now on the issue of cryptocurrency gambling; it can only be legalized after the approval of the Casino Bill. 


The whole picture might not be clear yet, but Japanese online casinos are the next big thing. Aside from having some of the best software developers in the word, Japanese are also among the pioneers of gaming. However, like every other big thing, it takes time for pieces of the puzzle to fall into their places.  

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