Best Type of Casino Bonus

Who doesn’t like a bonus? Simply put, they allow you to earn extra money on top of what you would have originally won, often with very little in the way of downsides. This should already be more than enough to tempt you in, but before doing so, it is important to assess which bonuses offer the best value. Some bonuses are vastly more valuable than others, and hence, you should explore your options before jumping into anything. Here then, is the guide to gambling bonuses – and which are worth utilizing.

Several factors contribute to the value of a bonus offer. Here is what you should consider when doing so: 


Bonus size

For those who are looking to win big, this should be your first consideration. Seek deals that offer up to $500 or more (many sites offer exactly this). In this regard, there is no need to settle. 


Match percentage

Yes, a big bonus is always nice, but just how much do you need to deposit to truly take advantage of it? With the match percentage, this is no longer such an issue, as you will be told from the outset just how much you need to deposit to get the deal you’re after. So, for example, if it’s a $200 bonus that you want, you may be informed that it comes after a deposit of $150. 


Minimum Deposit 

A feature of just about every casino bonus offer is the requirement of a minimum deposit amount. This will mean that the casino doesn’t have to deal with lots of small transactions worth $2 or less. If you have plenty of cash to play with, a minimum deposit won’t be too much of an issue. But for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of funds to play with, this can be an immediate disincentive. 


Types of Bonuses 

Now we come to the varying types of bonuses that you may encounter during your time online. The beauty of the casino welcome bonus can be explored on Casino Zone.


A new trend currently sweeping the industry by storm are so-called no deposit bonuses. Essentially, players don’t have to deposit any of their own money when they first join up – so long as they haven’t been registered to that specific site before. This is a great new feature for trial and error players, who simply want to get a feel for the various games on offer, rather than just wanting to win money straight away. 


Free spins are another established form of bonus – one which near every casino offers. Simply deposit a certain amount and get several free slot spins in return. There are also reload bonuses and cashback bonuses, which are both increasing in popularity. A reload is normally given to you after a deposit is made, while a cashback bonus is instead based on a player’s net losses – meaning they get something back if they lose big by going all in. Further to this, once you become very familiar with one particular site, a loyalty bonus of some description could be forthcoming. 


Other things to Consider 

While most sites in operation are legitimate, you should always exercise a degree of caution, and do your due diligence before visiting any casino. Complaints against sites with nefarious intentions are at an all-time high, so you can save yourself a lot of hassle – and a lot of pennies, by simply researching the site and checking its credentials. Ambiguous Terms & Conditions are a sure-fire sign that you’re on a less than trustworthy platform – so search for reviews from those who have used the site beforehand.


Another aspect to weight up is just how much you will use the site in the future. Yes, a juicy welcome bonus is very enticing, but if you’re not going to play enough to eventually claim that reward, its next to worthless. By contrast, you also need to be careful not to fall for a site that offers an instant reward upon sign up, as they may not be able to offer you as much long term, compared to some of their competitors. 


Where can you find the best casino bonuses? 

While grey states (countries served by offshore casinos) and regulated jurisdiction casinos can both be solid destinations when it comes bonuses, they may not offer the very best value for money. For this, try newly regulated jurisdictions served by legal casinos – as they are still very much in the customer acquisition phase. They badly want to stand out in a crowded market, and so will very often offer ludicrous value for money when it comes to bonuses simply to get you through the virtual door.

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