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When you think of gambling in America, you think of the big popular destinations like Atlantic City and Las Vegas. But with the restrictions imposed on businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these establishments that are visited by millions every year, had to close down. 


Taking advantage of that were a number of American Online Casinos who were standing by to take advantage of all the gamblers who could no longer go to their favorite establishments. However, they would never have seen the same number of new customers as elsewhere in the world, because gambling restrictions differ from state to state in the USA.


Which is why locations such as Vegas become so popular, as a lot of tourists from states where any form of gambling is illegal tend to pay a visit. With the physical establishments taken away from them, if their state doesn’t allow online betting, then they may have to suffer and wait throughout lockdown before being allowed to visit somewhere again.


However, there were a number of US States over the last 18 months, who have changed legislation around betting practices. Some more so for physical establishments, but there are also many States who have also legalised online betting

It is argued the reasons for this is because it would help to create new jobs, increase tax revenues and a whole bunch of other factors that would have positive externalities on the wider communities. But there are those that argue it is purely because greedy corporations who own these online betting companies have bribed officials to pass the legislation needed so that they can make more money.


Either way, times are changing in America. And gambling is becoming a more acceptable form of entertainment across the land. But how do you know if you’re betting at a top American Online Casino, or are potentially visiting a website that is just out to scam you out of your money? Well, we’ll help you out right there by giving you a few tips of what to look for.


You check them when you buy a new car, you check them when you want to pick up a new video game, you even check them when going to a restaurant. We are of course talking about reviews. They can help people who are torn on an issue make up their mind, and give an indication of what a wider group of individuals think of a particular good or service.


And online casinos are no different. For example, if you decided to google a bovada review, you may find that some people believe they have great customer service who help resolve issues, some may state they offer great bonuses, and others may say they could have a better choice of games. That’s because reviews can be a mix of good and bad, and that’s what you need, honest opinions.


Checking out reviews such as these will assist you in determining which are the top American online casinos, and which are not. Stay away from ones with more negative reviews than positive, and if they’re all positive, then be wary too, because at the end of the day no one is perfect and unless they’re being paid to say so, it’s not very often you see every single person giving a review five stars.

Licences and Regulations

To be able to operate in each State, companies will have to register to operate there. If they do, they’ll no doubt claim, as many official online casinos do, that they comply with State and Federal legislation. They’ll also display somewhere on their website to show they operate under a number of licences.


For licencing, this tends to be offered by independent regulators who check online casinos against certain criteria. They look to ensure the operator is fair with their games, make sure they do their utmost to protect their customers, and offer a safe and secure experience. If an online casino then meets these criteria, they’ll be granted their licences, showing you know they can be trusted and that they’re a top American online casino.


For regulations, these are more legal requirements set by the individual states. If operators don’t follow rules put in place to protect the public, then they can be prevented from operating. So it’s important that you ensure any online casino you use, clearly states they meet all regulatory requirements to operate and have licences to prove that they’re a fair and trusted operator.


And there you have it, the key characteristics to look for to discover if you’re using a top American Online Casino. Regulatory requirements and licencing are probably the more important of all the things to consider, but reviews can be equally as important. But all this information works best when you put your findings from both sides together.


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