Bitcoin Dice Strategy

One of the best casino games you can play is bitcoin dice the classic game of Dice: easy to learn and hard to master. Bitcoin dice is very popular due to the provably fair nature and the simplicity of its rules for beginners and experienced gamblers.

Widely considered the purest form of crypto casino game available, offering players straightforward rules that are easy to learn, Bitcoin Dice is an olden goldie. The game’s idea is to bet whether the dice outcome will be higher or lower than the first number presented. From there, you place your stake and wait for the outcome, and if it’s in your guess range, you win.

Bitcoin Dice strategies are comparable to old dice game strategies and focus primarily on your selections and how much you stake per bet. If you’re intrigued by playing Bitcoin dice, it’s advisable to develop a winning Bitcoin dice strategy.


Picking the best Bitcoin dice strategy

Bitcoin dice strategy comes in two different forms: how to bet and decide your bet amounts. There’re plenty of possible bets to make in a game like roulette, but only two alternatives in Bitcoin dice: high or low.

The most popular strategies for Bitcoin dice focus on watching preceding rolls and identifying patterns. That leverages possibility prediction – if the last ten rolls you made landed under 50, you’d probably see a rollover of 50 soon.

Other tactics include determining alternating patterns – if you realize that your rolls are landing under 50, then over 50, and then under again, this alternating pattern may end soon. Players using this tactic usually wager on the opposite of the last roll when they anticipate an alternating pattern will end.

Determining how much to bet is a little tricky. Several factors, such as your bankroll’s size and your aversion to risk, affect how you develop a winning Bitcoin strategy. Below is a guide on the most significant Bitcoin dice strategies that you can learn to improve your odds and become a pro.

Martingale Strategy

Coming out of 18th century France, it’s the most sought-after staking plan. Its accessibility and the fact it portrays being the reasons for its continued popularity.  The strategy centers around increasing your bets on each losing stretch to incur the cost in your win.

In other words, using the strategy Bitcoin dice players progressively increase the amount they stake when they experience a losing streak. When the player wins a bet, the win covers the losses incurred from previous losing gambles.

Doubling your stake guarantees you win back all your preceding losses plus turn a small profit when you eventually win. However, this strategy only works if you assume two major factors. First, you need to have immense reserves or unlimited finance.  Second, the system assumes there is no limit to the size of the stake you make.


The Break-Even Martingale Strategy

The break-even Martingale Bitcoin dice strategy is like the standard Martingale but staggers the betting process, slowing the rate at which stakes are raised. The process helps players hold out against a losing stretch for longer.


The  Paroli Strategy


Also called the reverse Martingale, this strategy centers around helping players maximize winning stretch and minimize their losses. The Paroli strategy is a positive progression strategy that works in three bets and resets after the third bet, regardless of the results.

First, the player will choose their base stake, and after every win, the player will double their stake but will stop doubling after three consecutive wins. However, after the player incurs a loss, they decrease their bets back to their base stake.

The primary problem with this strategy is its zero sums; this means it neither wins nor loses in the long run. It depends entirely on winning stretch to show profits, like most gambling strategies. It’s, however, much lower risk compared to the Martingale strategy.



The D’Alembert strategy is a merge of the Paroli and the Martingale. The strategy is straightforward and simple to implement and has similar risks as the Martingale. Start by picking your base stacking unit and then increase your base staking unit’s bet each time you lose.


The inverse Martingale strategy

The inverse Martingale is the opposite of the standard Martingale. Using this strategy, the player increases their stakes when on a winning stretch – not when on a losing streak. In this strategy, the player stakes a 50% stake of the wins from successful rolls, which allows you to keep half of the total winning from preceding rolls even if they lose the staked 50%

It’s vital to note that the future of random games like Bitcoin dice isn’t affected by random past events – but patterns don’t continue indefinitely, which makes Bitcoin dice so much fun to play. Bitcoin dice strategies are mainly concerned with staking plans.

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