Check out Playtech’s Ground-Breaking New Series – Kingdoms Rise

Playtech has once again released a series of slot games that looks like it will upend the online casino market.

The software developer, most noted for its range of Marvel (now defunct), DC Superheroes and Age of the Gods connected jackpot games, has released three new slot games under the banner of Kingdoms Rise.

The new games are Guardians of the Abyss, Forbidden Forest and Sands of Fury. A fourth title, Reign of Ice, is expected to land imminently.

Why, then, should casino players be excited about this range of slots? Well, the first thing to appreciate that the range of games is truly connected, unlike anything we have seen before.

You can effectively toggle between the three games on an interactive map, which also hints at more worlds being added to the game in future. Playtech tried something like this before with its King Kong slot and scratchcard games based on the 2005 Peter Jackson movie, but this is on a more intricately conceived and ambitious.

Games have innovative shop feature

Moreover, the games are linked through a coin collection feature. Coin symbols frequently fall on the reels, which are collected by you and then later exchanged in a shop for special bonus features.

Coins that you collect are recorded by each game’s software and put in a pot that can be used for any game. So, for instance, you could collect 300 coins by playing Forbidden Forest and use it to ‘buy’ the free spins bonus for Guardian of the Abyss.

Aside from the connectivity, Playtech has created three excellent games in their own right. Players from the UK can find all the slots online here, and it’s worth noting that several casinos have got behind the games in the sense of giving them prominence on their sites.

It’s too early to say whether the games will rival the likes of Age of the Gods or DC Superheroes slots, but the amount of buzz created so far means the series is off to a good start.


Two progressive jackpots on offer

It’s also worth mentioning that Kingdoms Rise has two progressive jackpots.

The first, the Epic Jackpot, is a standard progressive prize, which is awarded randomly to a player once an unknown threshold has been passed.

As with all Playtech jackpot games, there is no minimum bet requirement to be eligible for the jackpot, but a higher bet will increase your chances.

The second jackpot, the Power Strike Jackpot, is guaranteed to pay out before it hits £10K.

The ‘must pay’ jackpot is a significant step by Playtech, as many developers have made moves towards linking games with daily jackpots and prizes exclusive to individual casinos.

Playtech has, of course, been strong in the area of progressive jackpots for well over a decade, but it has arguably lagged behind in terms of the smaller daily prizes. Kingdoms Rise games make a strong case to muscle in that area.

It’s been a busy few months for Playtech, with the developer also releasing new games in the Age of the Gods Series – Apollo Power and Ruler of the Seas.

A sequel was also released for the hugely popular Gladiator slot – Road to Rome, good timing given that a new Gladiator film is said to be on the way.

The two Gladiator slots also share a progressive jackpot. With Kingdoms Rise, we should expect Playtech to fortify its position among the world’s premier developers of casino games.



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