Finnish Online Casino Trends

Finns are notorious gamblers. Even though the country has one of the widest and biggest networks of physical slot machines in restaurants, bars and supermarkets in the world, Finns enjoy gambling mostly with their mobile phones or desktops. That is why so many online casinos have focused especially on serving the Finnish gambling market and providing specialized services for only Finns. One of these services has become a huge hit among Finnish gamblers in the past years. It’s called Pay N Play and the casinos offering it are known as casinos without registration or no account casinos.


The trend started early in 2018 when the first online Pay N Play casinos were published and initially they were especially offered for Finnish players. In a very short time, their easy-to-use and fast way to gamble gained momentum among Finns and they became hugely popular. That of course led to more and more Finnish Pay N Play casinos being published and today you can find dozens and dozens of options to choose from. Each has its perks for what you can find detailed information from the Kasinohai website.


Why Pay N Play casinos are so popular in Finland?


Before Pay N Play, people were offered only one way to register and play on online casinos. First, you were asked to fill out a registration form, confirm your email or phone number and then you could log in to your account. After that, you have to choose with what payment method you wanted to deposit funds to your newly established account and start playing. With Pay N Play casinos this procedure is much simpler.


You are not asked to fill out long registration forms or even create a user name or password. All you need is your online banking ID and you are ready to go. This time you start playing by only choosing the amount you wish to deposit, then your bank from the list and confirm the transfer with your online banking ID. The money will transfer immediately to the casino and you can start playing instantly.


This is not the only reason for their popularity. Also, they offer more player-friendly bonuses or sometimes no bonuses at all which means that you don´t have to stress about the possible wagering requirements and limits the bonuses might have. Casinos without an account can offer a welcome bonus, but mainly their bonus selection is for regular players.


For example, they have made cashback a big thing in casinos. Many no account casinos offer it weekly and you can get cash back’s from either your losses, deposits or bets – sometimes even wager free. Known for being practical and rational, Finnish gamblers love simple but profitable promotions and always look for the ones with the least stressing rules and requirements for the player.


Pay N Play casinos are constantly evolving


Gambling without registration has already become a familiar thing for Finns. Therefore even these casinos are forced to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Some of them do it with a theme and content in the casino while others find new bonuses to offer to their customers. Most interestingly, some of the big names in the industry have decided to offer their website to Finnish people as a casino without registration.


Especially during 2020 many well-known online casinos went through a transformation and changed their procedure to the no-account format. From then on, new customers were only able to register to the renewed casino with Trustly’s Pay N Play service. While others have completely abandoned the old registration procedure, some of them also offer it as a plan B besides Pay N Play. This way the customer can decide which way he/she prefers to play. With the normal registration, the customer can choose to deposit with other payment methods too and that way it’s more versatile.


Finnish game preferences are also changing


Just a few years back, Finnish gamblers were only learning the ropes of online casino games, but since then more and more players have become professionals who know what they are after. Player trends are moving slowly towards more volatile games. This has been monitored with the popularity of the famous Megaways slots that are well-known for prompting high volatility and that way being riskier.


Similar trends can be seen around the world which has led to game providers creating especially high volatility games. The company behind Megaways, Big Time Gaming, has already created a new type of slots called Megaclusters. Other providers are focusing on delivering games with tens of thousands of ways to win. The highest so far has been one million ways to win.


Finns are on top of gambling trends


Finns are truly enjoying the best of online gambling. They are the favourite market for almost all online casinos which means Finns have been first in line to enjoy the newest additions to online gambling such as casinos without registration. As a country of high utilization of the internet, Finns adapt easily to anything new and are not afraid to try things out. That´s why you should always look for Finnish online casinos and see what they have to offer as it is surely going to be the best in the market.


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