How to choose an online gaming platform considering your lifestyle?

The number of devices is growing every year, and more and more devices support the ability to play online. With so many gadgets, it is very difficult to decide – which one to choose for yourself? Modern gaming devices are suitable for a variety of needs – for travel or home entertainment.


The most convenient option for online games – PC

If you are going to immerse yourself in online games or want to become an esports player, then your choice is definitely a PC.


PC is the main platform for such cult online games as LoL, Dota 2 and CS: GO. You can also devote a lot of time to legendary MMORPGs like World of Warcraft.


How does the PC manage to be the main platform for online gaming? It is simply more convenient to play on this platform. 


  • Players have a better feel for the game with the mouse and keyboard, which gives them more opportunities to show their skills
  • A good selection of a mouse, keyboard and other devices will make the gameplay even more comfortable.


The obvious choice for commuting is your smartphone 

Also, a great gadget for online gaming is almost certainly in your pocket. Almost all modern smartphones on Android and iOS support excellent online games, which can be given 10-15 minutes of free time. Just a great option for those who need to commute to work.


Online games are also an opportunity to earn money

Few people know that online games are a great way to make money. Esports became so popular that bookmakers began to accept bets on the matches of various tournaments.


For example, the online service iMoneySlots presents to your attention many games such as Book of Ra, SlotoCash and many other money card games. If you live an active life and want to get the most out of your vacation, check out this opportunity with iMoneySlots and a wide line of online games.

The best option to spend time in comfort – PS5 / Xbox Series X

Game consoles are very popular with gamers. They are not so convenient to play shooters or strategy games, but if you are a fan of FIFA or fighting games like Mortal Combat then this is your option.


  • You can play these games both online and with friends. The ability to connect the set-top box to the TV and sit on your favorite couch is perhaps the best option to meet Friday evening after a hard week.


Great option for travelers – Nintendo Switch

Do you like games and travel? These hobbies can be combined thanks to portable consoles. The most popular at the moment can be called the Nintendo Switch.


This portable console can be a great travel companion. It can be easily put in a backpack and charged from a power bank. Plus, the Switch has very good quality games, many of which can be played online. 


And this is perhaps a great opportunity to pass the time while waiting for your flight at the airport.

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