How to Make Sure You Are Safe When Gambling At An Online Casino

Online gambling, most of the time, is extremely safe. However, due to online gambling’s extreme popularity, it is now pretty common for scammers to invent new ways to try and con players put of their money. There are now more rigged online casinos popping up to try and trick casino players into depositing their money into a fake account. When you do this, the next time you sign in your money will be gone and you will have little hope of ever seeing it again. Therefore, we thought it would be useful to write the following guide to ensure that you do not fall foul of scammers whenever you are doing some online gambling. 

Check the License That the Casino Has

The very first thing that you need to do before you provide an online casino with your personal details and then your money is see whether they hold licenses from respectable gambling authorities. Any online casino that holds a gambling license from the likes of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Curacao Gaming Commission, or the Malta Gambling Authority are ones that can be trusted. These companies analyse online casinos and then decide if they meet all the criteria deemed worthy of being awarded one of their licenses. 

Once an online casino has been given a license from one of the aforementioned regulatory bodies, they need to keep up their high standards or their license will be taken away and they will not be able to operate until they can prove that they have gotten their act together. If you register with an online casinos that holds a license from one of these gambling regulators, then you can be sure that you will have a fun and safe gambling experience whenever you log in to play.

Use the Internet to Find Out More about the Casino

When you hav e come across an online casino that you happen to think might be the one for you, you should take the time to read a few reviews about it on the Internet. The Internet gives you great information at the tip of your finger, so you would be foolish not to take advantage of it. 

For instance, one website that is very handy when it comes to finding out valuable information about certain online casinos is On this wonderful comparison site, you will find useful information about quality online casinos, the best payment options, and the different kinds of casino games you can enjoy. All of this is very important to know when you are choosing an online casino to play at. 

Always Read the Terms and Conditions

Before you go ahead and register with an online casino that catches you eye, you should take a moment or two to read the terms and conditions that are attached to it. An online casino has to suit you in as many ways as possible and this includes the terms and conditions that apply. 

In 2018, a new data protection act came into being that gives you a lot more control over your data. If an online casino that you are considering joining does not seem to care too much about the General Data protection Regulation, then we recommend that you take you and your money somewhere else. 

Check Out the Payment Methods Available 

A reputable casino will offer their players a good variety of deposit methods. If you find an online casino that has just a couple of deposit methods, then it is a red flag. A sign that an online casino is a reputable one is if they offer their customers common and quality payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Visa. 

Once you have taken a look at the deposit options that are available, you need to see what withdrawal methods are present.  It is obligatory for every online casino to explain to their players how to make a withdrawal as well as how long the process will take. If the online casino you are looking at does not do this, then we recommend you look elsewhere. You should also see what withdrawal methods they have available to their players. If you find an online casino that comes with many deposit options but just one or two withdrawal methods, then you should start to question the legitimacy of the online casino. This is a clear sign that they are more than happy to accept your money, but are not too bothered about paying out any winnings.

Look for Encryption Technology

Any reputable online casino will have SSL encryption technology to make sure that all of your personal information and finances are safe from scammers. When you find an online casino that you think will suit you perfectly, take a quick look at the address bar and see whether there is a padlock at the start of the URL. If you can see one, then it is a clear indication that the website is making use of encryption technology to make sure that your personal data and money is completely safe. If you find an online casino which does not have this padlock before its URL, then we suggest that you do not open an account with them. 

See If They Have an eCOGRA Certificate

A Random Number Generator, also called a RNG, is software that makes sure that the results from a casino game are random. However, there is plenty of software on available on the market which has been rigged in such a way to make sure that the online casino wins more money. Whenever you are spending your hard-earned cash with an online casino, you obviously want to be certain that your chances of winning are fair, and the way that you can ensure that this is the case is by scrolling to the bottom of the online casino’s homepage and looking for the eCOGRA certificate. 

This company is the one that is responsible for ensuring that all the games that an online casino is offering its players are fair. Therefore, whenever you come across an online casino that can display their logo you know that they will offer you a fair gambling experience.

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