Improve Your Odds of Winning at Online Slots

Slots are the cash-cows of the casino industry. When it comes to US land-based gaming venues, they account for about 70% of their income. Things are no different in the digital sphere, as these machines’ virtual equivalents are equally popular on the internet as they are on the casino floor.

While it is true that these reel-spinning games require zero skill and that their outcomes happen entirely based on chance, having a proper understanding of how they work can help improve your chances of hitting a winning combo. You may not be able to make enhancements to your gameplay, but by making smart choices, you can make lady luck favor you a bit more and add a sense of equal opportunity when playing. 

Odds of Winning Online Slots

As you are probably aware, most modern slots utilize three to five reels. However, some may have more, and others may alternate the number of rows and reels per spin. Each reel has several symbols assigned to it, and each one has a specific value. These reels turn, and they stop based on an algorithm called a random number generator (RNG), which determines what combination the symbols will form. All of this is entirely random, and the chances of landing matching symbols that can lead to wins are indiscriminate. Thus, the odds of winning online slots will continuously reset, so they pretty much are the same every time you play.

The games get designed in such a way that the algorithm favors low-paying symbols. Meaning the reels have a higher chance of stopping while displaying low-paying characters, rather than high-paying ones, or Wilds and Scatters, which can provide entry into bonus rounds. Always check the paytable of the game you are considering before spinning. It is an important step that can help you learn how to pick a winning slot machine.

So, since you are far more likely to land smaller wins while playing any slot, how often those wins will come depends on the game’s volatility and return-to-player. These are settings that impact how the RNG algorithm chooses the combination. While, as we said, the process is indeed arbitrary, how often you can land a win isn’t. The RTP (return-to-player) is a setting that shows how much will the game in question will pay back to its players over time. The volatility explains how risky the slots are, how often wins will happen, and what amounts. For example, a low volatility reel-spinner will regularly pay out small sums.

Casinos With Loose Slots

So, what is a loose slot? Well, it’s a game that will pay out more often. One that boasts a higher payout percentage and has low volatility. Thus, these games should provide wins that come frequently, but in amounts that won’t change your life. They are slot machines with the best odds.

Where can you find such games? Well, we recommend going through the list of casinos with loose slots at OUSC is one of the leading information hubs for the iGaming sphere, and they provide accurate and up-to-date news regarding the sector and casino reviews that are objective and honest.

We recommend selecting one of the platforms featured on their review table or top-five list. You can find many terrific sites that offer jackpots, bonuses, bonus codes, VIP programs, and more. For instance, Las Atlantis provides a 260% matching bonus plus sixty free spins using the coupon code – TREASURECHEST. El Royale and Slots Empire Casino both offer similar deals by utilizing the bonus codes – TRUEROYAL and INFANTRY, respectively.

10 Slot Machines With The Best Odds

As mentioned, to locate which titles are most likely to provide wins, you’ll need to search out for ones that feature a decent RTP, ideally above 96%, and ones that have low to medium volatility. The reality is that you cannot win at an online casino every time. However, by playing such slots, you should stay ahead, with a little luck.

Casinos are businesses, so they’ll always have an edge on you, as the odds will always be, at least, slightly in their favor. Otherwise, they won’t feature the game at all. However, by selecting a slot the likes we described, you can somewhat level the playing field.

Therefore, we suggest you spin the reels on the following games:

  • The Hive
  • Fruit Frenzy
  • Derby Dollars
  • Diamond Dozen
  • Enchanted Garden
  • After Night Falls
  • Frog Fortunes
  • Good Girl Bad Girl
  • A Night in Paris
  • Quest to the West

How to Win Money Playing Vegas Slots

Is there a magic formula that will explain how to win money playing slots? Sadly, no. There is no set of secrets, tips, tricks, hackers that you can put on your tool belt, pop open an online casino, spin, and get rich. It’s just not that easy.

That said, there are a few things that you can do and that you should know before spinning. What held for three-reel games on casino floors in the 90s, more-or-less, still applies when playing slots online. Dollar bets should yield bigger wins than one’s worth pennies or nickels. Bigger bets mean more risk, but most games payout top wins when players utilize the maximum betting option. No progressive jackpot game will make you a millionaire via a one-cent bet. So, in some cases, your bet size could affect your chances of hitting a win.

You may hear some people say that you should play slots at night. However, this applies to land-based casinos, and it mostly ties into attaining perks such as free drinks due to increased foot traffic. There is no best time to play online slots. The payout percentage of a specific game does not change depending on the time of the day.

Know that the math behind any gambling game applies to long-term results. In the short-term, anything can happen. All the settings explained above apply for long periods. Thus, the best advice you can receive that may help you in your digital gaming adventure is:

  1. Pick a slot with an RTP higher than 96%.
  2. Look up the game’s hit-frequency, if possible.
  3. Demo-play before laying down a real bet.
  4. Make small bets on multiple paylines.
  5. Place higher limit bets from time to time.
  6. Budget and apply proper bankroll management.

Final Word

Over the years, we’ve seen many myths regarding slots at land-based casinos get dispelled. No, the loose slots are not closest to the walkway. No, your chances do not go up if you play at night, and if you play long enough, you won’t be due for a win. If you want to enjoy some gambling entertainment online, you should lean toward playing flat-top games instead of progressive ones. 

Jackpot wins are highly unlikely, so you are better off chasing smaller ones, often. The goal should always be to come out ahead, with a little more in your pocket than when you sat down to play. You can achieve this if you budge accordingly, picking a game that falls into the criteria described above, and knowing when to stop if you’ve lost a considerable amount.  

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