New online gambling games that are becoming popular in 2021


Online Gambling is a great way to pass the time and try to make some extra money in the process. That’s only more true as the number of US states with legalized online gambling increases. Now you can spin slots in your free time, go big on video chat poker, or check in on your fantasy football team while you take the bus. Yet while you’d expect these classic casino pastimes to be available, there are games you might never have heard about or never gave a chance. Games that aren’t always available at your local casino.


Below we’ve put together a list of games that you should try if you have access to online gambling. These will give you a new thrill or at least a fun way to while away the hours. They’re also growing in popularity, showing that they must have something to offer. And who knows? You might awaken a hidden gambling talent! And then the money will flow! Of course, we should remind you that winning isn’t guaranteed. But it’s worth a shot! 


Sports Betting

Sports betting has been making big waves this year. After all, passionate sports fans exist in every state. However, it hasn’t been legal in most states until recently. A federal prohibition was repealed, allowing many states to quickly work on handing out licenses and setting up sports betting in time for the current NFL season. If you’re into sports, you might have a sportsbook app like WynnBet available to you. These apps give you all kinds of games to wager on, often including college sports alongside the big leagues. And since you’re playing with more people than just your neighborhood guys, the winnings can be much bigger. Just try searching for a platform name and your state, such as WynnBet New York, and see what pops up in your app store. 


Fantasy Football

Going along with the new legalized sports betting is fantasy sports. The big name sportsbook apps also host fantasy leagues where you can play with people all over your state and the country. Again, this gives you access to games on a bigger scale than anything local, and maybe more of a jackpot, too. If you’ve always been interested in fantasy sports but never had a crew to play with, the apps have exactly what you’re looking for. 


Crazy Time Live

Crazy Time Live is an interesting experiment of an online slots game. Aside from giving you a game of chance, there’s also a choose-your-own-adventure aspect to it. Players can make key decisions to influence a story, with “right” decisions leading to multipliers for their jackpot when they manage to win at the slots. One player managed to make enough right choices for a 5000x multiplier to their earnings, bringing them to a massive jackpot of $3.2 million!


Sherlock & Moriarty and Sisters Of Oz WowPot Slots

WowPot slots have had an amazing track record in 2021 when it comes to slot earnings. The games are often themed after classic literature like Sherlock Holmes or the Wizard of Oz. Reports have shown that three of 2021’s biggest slot jackpots have been from WowPot games. We’re talking prizes in the multi-millions here. So if slots are your game of choice, you’d do well to look for a WowPot online game. 


Online Poker

Poker is perhaps the most iconic casino game of all time, one that relies on seeing someone’s face to guess their tell or if they’re bluffing. Online poker changes the game by giving the option to not show faces, making it more about reading the cards and playing strategically. If the bluffing aspect of poker has always made you nervous, online poker could be the invitation you need. While online poker isn’t totally new, it saw more activity in the past year as many tournaments went online due to the pandemic. More people are getting into online poker than ever, and there are even live video versions if you really need to see faces.

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