Roulette Bonuses: Get the Most Out of Your Game

Playing real money online roulette using some bonus money offered by the casino website is always a welcome thing! Considering that house always has the edge, regardless of the roulette strategy you use, a bonus can be just the thing you require to tip the scales slightly in your favour! Online roulette players from UK have another reason to be happy because almost all the legal online casino portals in the country offer such bonuses to the players.


In order to get the most out of online roulette, firstly it is important that you are aware of such bonuses and secondly that you know which type of roulette bonuses exist so that you can use the right one to your advantage. Let’s acquaint you with the different types of roulette bonuses offered by online casinos so that you can use the best ones to win big. You can find more details on these bonuses at However, before we proceed it is important to know that online casinos offer all kinds of bonuses to their new and old players. Since online roulette is a very low-risk game, not all of these bonuses can be used for it. Most of these are meant to be used only for specific games like blackjack, slots etc. Nevertheless, the money won through these bonuses can always be used to play online roulette. Hence, if you specifically wish to use the bonus for online roulette, you should ensure that it allows you to do so. 

Welcome bonus

Also referred to as signup or registration bonus, this is the most commonly run promotion by internet-based casinos. It can be claimed by anyone who registers at the online casino for the first time. The idea is to attract more number of new players to the platform. It is normally better than all other offers provided by the casino as it is higher in amount, has better wagering conditions, features a higher bonus-to-deposit ratio and has longer validity. You can secure this bonus by simply signing up with the online casino and making your first deposit with them. Please remember that this bonus always has some wagering requirements associated with it which must be met before you’re allowed to withdraw any winnings. So read about the requirements before you deposit anything.

Reload bonuses

There is no way a serious roulette player would be happy if they’re offered a nice welcome bonus and nothing comes thereafter. A reputed online casino offers multiple promotions for regular roulette players, enabling them to make more money by depositing more. These bonuses are referred to as reload bonuses, and are commonly offered by reputable and big casino businesses. However, these have a lower bonus percentage and bonus amount in comparison to the first deposit/welcome bonus.


No deposit or Freeplay roulette bonus

A big hit amongst online roulette players, the no deposit or freeplay bonuses are specifically targeted at new players, and there aren’t a lot of websites that offer them. In addition, these are not of huge amounts. Nevertheless, you get an opportunity to try different roulette games without spending any of your own money.

What after you’ve availed the bonus?

After you’ve availed and benefited from the roulette bonus, you can try other promotions run by the online casino, and further improve your bankroll.


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