Technological Innovations: Online Casinos


The world of technology is an ever changing landscape, on a daily basis new leaps forward are made. Whether that’s moving from old school gigantic tube tv’s to “wallpaper TVs” as LG dubs them, or phones moving from chunky bricks like the Motorola, uhhhh, brick to something sleek and slender like the Galaxy Fold 3, things change so much. The advancements aren’t only in physical technology though, software has gotten much more efficient and easy to run. Not only that but the way WE can interact with software has changed drastically. It’s incredibly easy to buy things online now meaning technology has also changed how we shop or, on the subject of this article, how we gamble. It’s true that casinos are still as popular as ever but given the state of the world now thanks to Covid-19, the popularity of Online Casinos is at an all time high.


Evolution of mobile phones from the 80s to now.


So with Online Casinos raking in the cash right now, some people are still stuck at home, some people haven’t wanted to go back to work, some people are bored and some avid gamblers. How have Casinos changed over the years? Whether that is a change to accommodate new players making it easier for them to get involved from a beginners point of view or just making things easier for the veterans of online casinos. From creating an android or iOS betting app or just making websites easier to navigate, we’ll see what we can dig up for you, so strap in!



One of the key things people enjoy about Poker is being able to sit around a table, checking the other players out, looking for tells etc. While we currently can’t fully replicate that without maybe the use of webcams. But online poker has come a long way. Now we have services with custom avatars, we have VR poker and much more. Poker has become more of a “game for everyone” these days, where you can play for fake money or if you’re into it, gamble your cash and go for it. In fact, online poker tournaments have crazy prize pools these days! The current record for the biggest prize pool is $27,559,500 (£20,638,300), achieved by GGPoker at the World Series of Poker Tournament, 16-30th August 2020. There were 5802 participants competing for that prize pool. CRAZY numbers.


Slot machines have been a staple of casinos, both physical and online for a long time.


Online Slots

People love a slot machine, there’s no two ways about it. People see the flashy lights and can’t help themselves, even people who don’t usually gamble will have a go, because why not? I’ve spent most of my adult life working in and around pubs and clubs and almost every day, there’ll be a group of lads sitting around one of those machines in a boozer. But how have online slots evolved over the years? Well to begin with, much like poker countless casual slot apps have become available over the years, some better than others, all of them not having you risk your money, you know, if you just enjoy playing on slot machines.


But also, if you want a little added excitement, then there are apps and sites out there for you too, with so much variation, many different game styles and themes and many different avenues to get involved in online slots. If you’re new to online slots I would 100% recommend trying a more casual app first as, even though the flashy lights and graphics look appealing, it can be confusing and a lot to take in for a beginner. So maybe spend some time, do a little research and always gamble responsibly!



Yet another staple of the modern day casino and something that has been around since 18th century France, people can’t get enough of roulette tables. In my experience, the roulette table is easily in the top 3 most popular games in a casino, with blackjack and slots, in no particular order. But how has the experience evolved for an online market now? Well, it’s pretty simple, pretty much all of the big online casino providers will have an online roulette system and since the outcome is effectively just RNG (Random Number Generation) anyway there are no reasons as to why these things shouldn’t be as efficient as their real life counterparts.


Well that’s going to cover it for today, are you a big casino lover? Have you made the transition into the online world or do you prefer a brick and mortar casino? I personally only really like the card games, never got big into slots. But I’m always up for a game of blackjack! Whatever it is you’re into, remember, gamble responsibly and when the fun stops, stop!


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