The worst advice you can receive regarding horse racing 

If you’re new to horse racing, you’ll no doubt have been learning the terminology, the betting rules and tips and tricks to make the most of your time at the track.

But you may also be on the receiving end of advice, both good and bad, from those more experienced than yourself.

This advice can often be beneficial but there is also bad advice – these are some of the more negative pieces of wisdom you may hear regarding horse racing.

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All Trainers are the Same

You might have heard that a trainer’s a trainer’s a trainer, but this isn’t actually true.

While some trainers are better suited to younger riders who are less risk-averse, others are better suited to working with horses and jockeys who are more experience.

However, one thing is for sure – knowing the trainer and considering them in any decision regarding horse racing is important and shouldn’t be overlooked.


Chase Your Losses

Betting in horse racing is a big part of the sport and one of the thrills of watching horse racing, but chasing your losses is poor advice for a number of reasons.

Firstly, there’s no guarantee that you won’t come out of the situation in a far worse place than when you first started experiencing a loss.

Secondly, horse races are independent events and there is no pattern to them so why should there be to your wins and losses? If you’re on a losing streak, quit the streak altogether and don’t get caught up in being influenced by what has happened before.


Presume Tipsters’ Advice is Faulty

Don’t always assume that just because a tipster’s advice is free, that it can’t be any good. There are some excellent tipsters providing valuable information that can help you in choosing a great horse so don’t overlook it without doing your research.


But Go for Newspaper Tipsters

While free tips aren’t necessarily bad, generally speaking the tipsters you see in your daily newspaper don’t make a long-term profit and are required to make tips for every race as part of their job.

Going blindly into every race with only this as your guide is a sure way to make a loss.

Similarly, if you’re advised to check the tables of newspaper tipsters, it’s best to avoid these.

While it’s tempting to think that if a lot of tipsters are pointing you in the direction of the same horse, it must be a sure bet, the fact is that usually they are just tipping the favourite or the most obvious horses.


Take a Long Term Approach to Following Tips

While any tipster can have up or down days, if you give up on them each and every time they have a down period, you’ll never succeed.

This approach will just have you switching from one tipster to another continuously so be savvy about who you’re taking advice from, consider past experiences but also remember that there are plenty of factors that go into a winning horse and they can’t be guaranteed by any one person.


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