Top 5 Online Casino Card Games

The first thing many online gamblers rush for whenever they log into their casino accounts is card games. These games tend to take up most of the space in online casinos. In fact, for years, Blackjack, has been one of the most popular options in the gaming world.

Notably, famous platforms like Platincasino have a dedicated section for these games. Therefore, you can easily check out all the available options. However, did you know that five of these games top the list? Follow this article to the end to get enlightened.

Baccarat (Punto Banco)

Punto Banco is a card game popular in most online casinos globally. It is played for some of the highest stakes around the world. Here, you must place a bet on the player, a banker, or a tie to play.

When you are done placing the bet, you wait. The remaining work will be done by the casino servers. These servers are based on strict rules, making baccarat an excellent casino game to play. The main objective here is to have the hand you place a bet on score a higher total than the others.

Three Card Poker

The Three Card Poker game is also known as Tri Card Poker. In this game, you play a hand against the dealer’s three cards hand. To pay off on the raise bet, the dealer has to qualify with a queen or a card high better.

When starting the play, you need to place a bet on the ante circle. Optionally, you may place a wager on the circle and pair. When you receive your three cards, you may choose to fold, surrendering your ante bet. Otherwise, you may raise by placing a bet equal to your ante bet in the raise circle.


Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the gaming arena, with several variations. Most online gamblers love it because of its simplicity in play. Each player receives two cards while the dealer gets one card face down and the other face up. A player decides to stay, receive another card, or fold.

Once all the players have exceeded 21 cards, the dealer flips their card over and completes his hand. For the dealer to hit, he must-have 16 or less. If the dealer has 18 or more, they stand. It’s very important to study the rules before playing Blackjack.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker

Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker is often offered in the card section of physical casinos. In many cases, this card game is not provided in similar software packages as online games. However, many online casinos have poker rooms offered on different software.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular poker card games and is often televised. To start the game, two players place small, forced bets called blinds. Before each round of betting begins, each player is given two-hole cards face down. You can play the game for limit, no limit, or pot limit.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a famous casino card game offering a progressive jackpot wager. To play, gamblers place an ante wager or if they like, an optional side bet. Both the dealer and player receive five cards, with only one of the dealers’ cards turned up.

Then, the player can either choose to fold or raise the cards. When you raise the card, it is twice the amount of the original ante. The dealer can only qualify with a hand of Ace, King, or a card higher. In case he does not qualify, all the ante bets are paid even cash while the raises get pushed.


To wrap this up, there are a many card games offered in online casinos. Log into your online gaming account and explore the many options available. However, it would be wise to play only the best.

Notably, Three Card Poker is not widely recognized, but it’s a game worth playing. It features a typical pay table for ante bonuses which pays straight one to one, with three of a kind paying four to one. If you plan to try out online casino card games, the above titles would be some good options for you.

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