Top Online Bingo Sites in Ireland

Bingo is a game of tradition, nostalgia, and for those that have played, it will know that once you need that last number to drop, there is no greater rush of adrenaline than what comes from each number is read out in turn that could potentially seal your win. 

Call it a game for old ladies all you want; the fact is, it is one of the most played games in the gambling spectrum. 

Here in this guide, were going to discuss just how to get access to the top casino sites aimed at players in Ireland that offer bingo gameplay. Plus, informing you of all the features and services that come with the numbers game.


Why Go Online to Play Bingo?

So, the first question is: why do you need to play online when there is a perfectly good bingo hall down the road or in your town?

Well, by all means, keep going to the local bingo hall, there is plenty of entertainment out there that can be enjoyed in equal measure both online or offline. 

But some perks and benefits come with playing bingo online that traditional bingo halls do not provide. 

The obvious reason addresses convenience. Online gambling is accessible 24/7, and this is for all areas of the industry. 

With bingo online, you have a wider choice of where to play, you have a greater selection of games, and you can play with the aid of bingo promotions and bonuses. 

We took to to help us with our article, and from there, we learnt so much about the available bingo sites in Ireland, the different games that exist, and how the bingo community online is just as passionate behind the screen than away from it. 


It is wrong to think that playing online somehow loses the essence of togetherness. Bingo is indeed a very social game. Get a group of two, three, or four people around a table, and chaos can ensue when you try tricking the other players or distract them. It is hugely entertaining in this way. 

But let us not look at this with nostalgic reflection. The fact is, we are a society now glued to screens, at home, work, and all the trips in between. Social media is how we mostly interact, and bingo online is an extension of this. 

You and your friends can all join the same online bingo site and play within the same live bingo room, and if you’re not all chatting on some video call, you can communicate via the live chat messenger service the bingo sites offer. 


Picking the Best Irish Bingo Sites


Is bingo online all the same?

Which is the best place to play online bingo?

Can you play live bingo and digital bingo games?

There are plenty of places where you can find bingo games online. Some places are good, and some are not so good. Where do you begin to look for the site that is ideal for you?

Here are some facts about how online bingo is made available. 

Most casinos online offering bingo games are providing digital formats. Digital bingo games play like slot machines. Fully automated and easy to use. 

The best sites are those that are either a multi-gaming platform or are a singular bingo service. With these platforms, you are offered access to live bingo rooms and to a wider range of bingo perks. 

Live rooms are open 24/7, but jackpots will vary relative to how many people are in the room at the time. Some live rooms in casinos require you to book a seat because it gets that popular. 

Ultimately, your time playing has to consider factors that are outside of the joys of bingo. 

These are important areas of online gambling you need to take note of when looking for a new bingo operator online. 


Before you register with any operator online, make sure they are licenced. With no licence in place, they are likely to be operating illegally. Yes, this is a red flag if the bingo site does not display its credentials.

When it comes to security, the bingo service must be using an in-date SSL security program. You can check the status of any website online by clicking on the padlock within the URL and reviewing the verification status. 

Before signing to a bingo service, it is worth checking their banking options. Not all sites will give you the same list of payment methods to support your euro currency. Payment options out there for Irish players include Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer, and Paysafecard, to name a few options. 

Just with these three points alone, you have identified which operator can be trusted, is safe, and can securely handle your deposits and withdrawal. 


Different Bingo Games Available


Bingo is not a single game, and like blackjack, poker, and roulette, there are many variants on how the main feature can be experienced. 

The most traditional form of bingo is 90-Ball bingo. The others are significantly different, and though it may only sound like they have a few balls less, it entirely changes the dynamic of how they are played and won. 

  • 80-Ball Bingo: This variant of the bingo game is played using an entirely different card. 80-Ball bingo plays on a 4 x 16 grid. Winning can now expand into vertical and diagonal lines. With 90-Ball bingo, this is not possible. This variant also allows you to win by marking off the corner numbers of the game as well. 


  • 75-Ball Bingo: With fewer balls in play, the card of this variant plays on a 25 square grid. It holds 5-rows, and the central space is deemed wild. Winning is slightly more complex because players are required to match specific patterns. There are over 300 of them that can help you to win. 


When it comes to potential jackpots, there is a benefit from playing online because sites hold in-house prizes.

This means that only those registered with the platforms can win the prizes. So, games that are not linked to a collective online network of sites sharing the same game, give you a better chance of winning.

The option of progressive jackpot bingo is available, and some sites will link up to play one big online game. 


Where to Play Bingo for Irish Players


For players in Ireland, several places offer you a wide range of games and services tied to the game of bingo. 

The top 10 below can grant you live and digital bingo games. You can also claim several promotional bonuses. Their communities come with live messenger chat, plus many provide loyalty rewards. 

Get free tickets, live gameplay, and meet friends online for a thrilling time. 

Here are the 10 best bingo sites in Ireland. 

  1. Ladbrokes Bingo
  2. Wink Bingo 
  3. William Hill Bingo
  4. Costa Bingo
  5. Leo Vegas Bingo
  6. 888 Ladies Bingo
  7. 2 Fat Ladies Bingo
  8. Moon Bingo
  9. Robin Hood Bingo
  10. Fabulous Bingo

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