What Kinds of Poker Bonuses Should You Look For

Playing using real money is fun, but it gets even more exciting when you have a poker bonus. Online casinos offer an array of bonuses to their clients as a way of appreciating their loyalty. These rewards increase a player’s bankroll, thereby heightening their gaming experience.

Some of these promos are reserved for novice casino members, while others are set aside for existing players. Before delving into the type of bonuses available in online betting dens, let’s have a look at some of the fine print details you should check out before accepting a promotion.

Read Between the Lines

Redeeming a bonus looks like a simple exercise, but some rewards have long-lasting ripple effects. Read the fine print so you can learn whether the gift has wagering requirements and game bonus conversions. These two requirements affect how soon you can cash out your winnings.

A player has to bet using a specific amount of money to fulfil the wagering requirements. Casinos multiply your deposit and the bonus amount to find play-through requirements. On the other hand, game bonus conversions are the contributions a game makes towards the wager requirements.

You should also check to see if the bonuses have conversion caps, a rule that limits how much of the prize is convertible into real cash. Skim through the term and conditions to know the monthly withdrawal limits or other restrictions pinned to the rewards.

Gamers should note the bonus’ expiry dates to know how much time they have before the rewards time out. Some bonuses have month-long shelf lives, while others have less time.

Remember, each casino has varying rules, so ensure you read each casino’s terms. Reading casino reviews is a great way to get an overview of their services. This review on ignition poker bonuses would be a great place to start.

If you are new to online gambling, you may want to acquaint yourself with the type of available casino bonuses. Take a look at some of the rewards you should ask for when you join a new casino and possible ways to claim them.

Welcome Bonus

A sign-up bonus is given to new casino members. You have to successfully create an account before the betting site rewards you. Most wagering dens hand out real cash, but others give poker lovers free invites to live tournaments.

Percentage Deposit Bonus

When casinos offer a 50% percentage bonus, it means they will give you 50% of what you deposit as a gift. For instance, if you cash in $1000, you will receive $500 as your percentage bonus. Note that at times, betting dens put a limit to the amount of cash you can receive as a bonus.

No Deposit Bonus

Poker lovers enjoy this reward because they do not have to do anything to get it. The casino randomly decides to gift its members a no deposit bonus. At times, the site will forward the funds directly into the user’s account or provide a promo code that the player can use to redeem the freebie.

If your casino does not clearly indicate how you can retrieve the freebie, talk to its customer support team for more details.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is an amount of money that casino members receive as soon as they cash in some funds into their account. Existing casino members have to use a promo code to claim the reward. However, newbies only have to create an account, deposit some money into it, and they will receive the promised funds.

Reload Bonus

Gamblers receive a reload bonus when they deposit money into their accounts a second, third, or fourth time. The number of times members receive a reload bonus varies from one casino to another. You do not have to provide any private details to receive any of these goodies.

If you receive such a prompt, it means that there is a security breach in your casino. The UK Gambling Commission gives details on what you can do when you face such a scenario.

Rakeback Bonuses

Every time you join a poker table to wager for real money, the casino deducts rake funds from the pot. Each person contributes to these deductions. The poker site can decide to give back a percentage of the rake to gamblers. You can receive a contributed, dealt, or shared Rakeback depending on the type of game you’ve choosen to play.

VIP Rewards

Casinos collect the bankroll data of each member to determine the high and low spenders. Gamers who spend generously automatically fit into the VIP club. Online gambling sites create special offers for these players, including exclusive tickets to VIP tournaments, cash, and loyalty points.

Anniversary Bonuses

One year after you join a web casino, the management may recognize your presence and rewards you for staying loyal.

Tier Points

Every time you spend money in a casino, you receive tier points. In most casinos, one point is equal to $10 or its equivalent in other currencies. Once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for real money or tickets to casino tournaments.

Live Poker Tournament Tickets

When casinos hold multi-table tournaments, they receive several requests from players to join the competition. While most gamers pay to enter these tournaments, others receive complimentary tickets from the casino. VIP gamers and loyal gamblers are some of the individuals who enjoy such bonuses.

Refer a Friend Bonus

It is no fun to play a poker game and enjoy the winnings alone. As such, casinos allow you to refer a friend to their site in exchange for real cash, tier points, or tickets to tournaments.

Free Play Time

One of the newest bonuses that you can get is free playtime. The wagering den allows you to play for free during a specific period. The site limits the number of tables you can join at a go and how much you spend on wagering per game. Considering that this bonus is lucrative, the winners are not too many, and most casinos only allow an hour of free playtime per winner at most.

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