Which Online Casino Games Gives You the Best Chance At Winning

Casino games can be great fun, especially if you hit a big payout. However, some games are far more likely than others to pay out big. If you want to have the best chance of winning and avoid losing money, it makes sense to pick the game with the best odds. This isn’t a hidden secret either. All casino games are tested and measured for their payout rate and house edge. 

Although all games have a house edge that gives the casino an advantage, some have a smaller edge than others. You can find out the payout rate at an online casino by checking the game information. This will give you a percentage such as 95%, which means that when playing for a long time, you can expect to win back $95 for every $100 you bet. The higher the payout rate, the smaller the house edge and the better your chances of winning. All games that are against the casino have this rating. However, online poker doesn’t because you’re playing directly against other players. Here are some of the best online casino games when it comes to payout rates. 


Blackjack is a classic table card game that’s well known for having a very low house edge. Some versions of the game can offer a payout rate of more than 99%, meaning that you can win consistently. Blackjack is very simple to play, although there is some strategy involved. You’ll need to learn basic blackjack strategy if you want to get the highest payout rate possible, but this is relatively straightforward. The aim of blackjack is to beat the dealer without going over 21. You‘re dealt two cards and can opt to stand, hit, split, or double, depending on the situation. The dealer will always hit but will stand on 17 or above, so that should factor into your decision.


Baccarat or punto banco is another classic card game and one that is associated with James Bond. Although it’s not as popular as blackjack, it does offer a high payout rate. It plays in a similar way to blackjack too. Only players need to get as close to nine as possible but can’t exceed nine. However, exceeding nine doesn’t mean a bust. Instead, double-digit hands use the second digit for their value. Before the game starts, you bet on yourself, the banker, or a draw. Payouts depend on which option you choose, but the banker has the lowest house edge despite charging a 5% commission on wins. This will generally have a payout rate of just over 99%. 

Online Slots

Although online slots tend to have a payout rate lower than table games, there are some exceptions. Certain games have a much smaller house edge, particularly during bonus rounds or when using different stakes. You can always check the payout rate of any slot before you play. Generally, the payout rate is around 95%, but some slots can go as high as 99%. The other advantage of slots over table games is that they’re really easy to play. Whether you win or lose is simply determined by luck.

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