Which roulette strategy is best?

When considering the most popular of the classic casino games, roulette often springs to mind. 

The simplicity of the game is alluring, as are the huge financial prizes on offer to those who correctly predict where the ball will land on the spinning wheel.

Despite its relative simplicity as a game, that has not stopped people with coming up with varying strategies to maximise their winnings at the roulette table. Are you looking for a way to turn your passion for roulette into a profit? If so, read on to find out which roulette strategies work best.

The Martingale Strategy

Regular roulette players have undoubtedly heard of the Martingale strategy. It is the best-known and most-used roulette strategy out there and is relatively simple to enact.

The only rule of this strategy is that you double your wager every time you lose a bet until you eventually win. The thinking behind this strategy is if you start out small, when you eventually win you will rake in more than enough to cover your losses.

There are, however, several drawbacks to this strategy, the first being that you need to have a significant amount of money in your pocket before you begin wagering. By doubling your wager after every spin of the wheel you will quickly find yourself betting huge figures.

Most casino, both land-based and virtual, have minimum and maximum bet limits on their roulette games. This means that you may not be able to start off as low as you want to minimise your losses and that you may not be able to bet as high as the strategy recommends to cover those losses. 

Online casino operators offer a large selection of roulette games. One type is the software games, which are based on random numbers generator (RNG) algorithm that produces random numbers that imitate the real probability of roulette numbers. 

The other more exciting type is the live roulette games with real dealers. These thrilling interactive games use streaming technology to broadcast roulette games in real time from specialized casino studios, and this provides a user experience that is the closest thing to a land-based casino. We have picked for you one of the best online casinos out there which offers both the RNG games as well as the live ones. Get ready for real fun and excitement online roulette games.

Using an online casino to try this strategy is a good way to budget your playing’s while still testing the waters. However, if money isn’t an issue, players can loosen the purse strings both online and within classic land-based casino venues. 



The Martingale Strategy works best with a large amount of initial playing’s. 

There are two variations on the Martingale Strategy – The Grand Martingale and the reverse Martingale.

The former not only requires you to double your bets when you lose, but to also add a pre-determined extra amount to each doubled bet.

The former, is slightly more friendly to those on a smaller budget, only requiring you to double your bet when you win rather than after every single bet.

Both however, have the same drawbacks as the classic Martingale Strategy.


The Fibonacci Strategy

If the Martingale Strategy seems too risky for your liking then you will be a fan of the Fibonacci Strategy, an approach much more suited to the conservative player.

Named after the 13th century Italian mathematician, the Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers where the next number along is always equal to the previous two, an example of which would be:


To enact this in roulette, when players lose, they progress up the Fibonacci sequence with their bets (£3 (£2+£1) etc and move down when they win.

The advantages of this system are that it rarely allows players to get carried away onto astronomical losses like the Martingale Strategy but that it still provides players with the opportunity to cover their losses with wins.

There is of course still an element of risk to the Fibonacci Strategy coupled with the fact that it makes playing roulette more like a maths lesson than fun.


The James Bond Strategy

The final strategy which we will look at is a slightly more fun one than the previous two, which was devised by the creative mind behind fictional British spy James Bond.

Ian Fleming is said to have come up with this strategy when he was betting on his own in a casino and swore by it for the rest of his life. The strategy is simple, requiring the player to bet £200 on each bet.

£140 will be placed on a number from 19-36, £50 on a number from 13-18 ad £10 on the number 0. This strategy works best in that it gives the player a 2 in 3 chance of winning and a 1 in 3 chance of losing, which can be recovered through future winning bets.

Fleming preferred to bet with £200 on each hand, but you don’t have to do the same, the strategy works just as well with lower wagers. If you’re looking for instant gratification from your time at the roulette table, this is the strategy for you.

In Summary

There are many more roulette strategies available than the ones discussed in this article, some which may suit you and some which may not.

However, it is important to always remember that whatever strategy you choose to use, it will not guarantee that you always win.

The house edge in roulette is 5.26% which means in the long run, that the house always wins. So, if you’re a long-term roulette player, no amount of strategizing is ever going to overcome these odds.

Having said that though, good strategies can minimise your losses and increase the fun and enjoyment you have at the roulette table.

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