Why are betting websites more popular than land-based casinos and betting shops?

If you’ve been following the gambling industry up close, you know that there are all sorts of betting websites that you can choose from. At the same time, the number of land-based casinos and betting shops is slowly declining. Of course, some places in the world, such as Las Vegas, will continue to be a gathering hub for bettors from all over the world, but many other areas don’t have any gaming facilities anymore.


There are many reasons why the iGaming industry is thriving right now, so let’s take a look at some of them. We will try to point out at least a few.


People have access to more casino games and sports

Even though betting online might not be as exciting as going to a land-based casino, these websites offer way more games and sports. If you check the silentbet online catalog, you will see that nearly every gambling operator has an abundance of casino games and all sorts of sports, including things like politics.


Sadly, land-based casinos and betting shops can’t keep up with their online counterparts.


Online betting is more convenient

The fact that you can have fun on your PC, smartphone, and tablet makes online betting way more appealing and convenient. Most bettors don’t have time to go to real casinos because they are working all the time, so the only way for them to have fun is if they use their handheld devices. That’s one of the reasons why many betting operators also have a mobile app.


Land-based operators have to comply with more regulations

There are many kinds of regulations that companies need to comply with in order to provide their gambling services. Creating a mobile betting website is not easy, but it is cheaper than opening a real betting shop or a casino.


Most online operators get a license from a gambling commission that’s accepted in most countries around the world. Thanks to it, they can legally operate in most places. Sadly, neither of the land-based betting companies can do that. They have to apply for a license issued by the gambling commission of the country they’re in. Furthermore, they need the approval of numerous other regulating authorities. As you can probably guess, these things require a lot of time and money.


Some people are afraid of visiting real casinos and betting shops

Finally, some people choose to bet online because they just do not want to visit any land-based betting shop or casinos. Although every company has a security department, there is always a chance that something might happen. That’s why some bettors prefer to avoid potential problems by staying home.


However, you should know that online betting is also not 100% safe, especially if you don’t choose a legit website.


Final Thoughts


We hope that there will be more casinos and betting shops in the future because it is always good to have more options to choose from.


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