Why it is hard for the government to regulate online gambling?

The number of places where online gambling is permitted and regulated by the state is 33 countries. The most ambitious state that has an active influence on the development of gambling and obtaining state preferences from the gambling business in Australia. But along with the high level of reliability of offline and online platforms, players and gambling establishments face many barriers. Let’s try to figure out how this affects the gambling market.

Gambling establishments in Australia received legal status in the middle of the 20th century. Since then, the industry has only grown and developed, moving from terrestrial forms of entertainment to online, using the latest technological innovations and actively socializing gambling entertainment. Such actions have led to the fact that the online casino and the amusement park become equivalent in terms of the safety of leisure. However, in reality, everything was far from the case.

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Examples of regulation of online casino business outside Australia

If we take the US as an example for comparison, where any kind of gambling is prohibited, then you can pay attention to a large number of free games in the arsenal of any online casino. Having access to the casino online for free, a gambling enthusiast gets the opportunity to play for fun, not gain, moreover, this does not go beyond the law. In countries regulating gambling, this option is simply not relevant. Any game – a game for money, the size of the bet, and the moment of exit from the process is controlled only by the player himself. Therefore, over the past 15 years, states have focused on the policy of interacting with casinos specifically on organizing a safe game process on the part of casinos and authorities. And, of course, the implementation of such measures is primarily associated with the “tightening” concerning gambling establishments.

For example, casino income taxes increased several times. The proceeds planned to direct just to strengthen security measures related to the fight against gambling addiction, the restriction of advertising, control of the age limit of players. But this scenario is not typical for other states. The strategy of the authorities, in places permitting gambling, is always different. Somewhere this is the desire to create a transparent relationship, in other places putting all efforts to maximize profits in the budget and ignoring the problems of the industry. The second scenario forces legal institutions into the shadow sector, where it is impossible to organize legal games that are safe for gamblers. And unlicensed games are always a risk to a player’s wallet. Moreover, you can lose not only on bets, but also on data theft, and at the same time money.

Regulated gambling or not, the state’s position on gambling is more dominant than the partnership. The gambling industry, where the winning percentage on the bet is less than 5%, implies instability, even with high profits and industry growth rates.

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