Why Online Casinos in the UK Keep Increasing their Slots Catalogues

Amid rapid growth rates, online casinos in the UK keep adding new slots to their catalogues. Experts aren’t surprised by this trend, at least not those who understand how casinos make money.

Since the gambling industry started, slot machines have been the primary moneymakers for nearly all casinos. In some establishments, slots contribute 80% of the annual net income.

That said, online casinos in the UK aren’t just introducing new slots randomly. They have a criterion designed to maximize their revenue:

  • They welcome innovative games with exclusive features
  • They prefer high variance slots like Megaways
  • The games must be mobile responsive
  • They prioritize games from top tier developers
  • They look out for attention-grabbing, re-playable slots
  • High RTP slots

In other words, every casino wants a game that grabs players’ attention. The slot must be exciting to play and rewarding enough to encourage loyalty. Of course, it also has to bring profits for the house. 

With that in mind, below are some of the reasons you are seeing more slots on your favourite UK online casinos:

Slots are Proven Moneymakers

As mentioned, slots earn casinos money consistently. That’s not just because they are popular with players but also because they are designed to favour the house. They do that through programmed software that determines when you win and lose.

The RNG software—as it’s known—also determines the Return to Player Rate of each game. By law, all slots must hold an RTP rate of 80%. Due to stiff competition, however, UK online casinos (Such as Online casinos – Slot Catalog)have RTPs that range between 92% and 99%.

The high RTP rate attracts players, but it also guarantees online casinos profits at the end of it all. And because the house edge is a long-term thing, gambling operators trust slots to earn them consistent profits in the long haul.

Players Love Slots

Although slots guarantee casinos profits every month, the law also guarantees players they have a fair shot at these games. In fact, players earn more from a slot than the house theoretically.

Thanks to Return to Player Rate (RTP) rules, most online slots in the UK payout at least 90% of the wagered money. With the best games, the payout rate can be as high as 99%. And that’s what makes these games appealing

Yes, slots are games of chance. But they are designed to give all players a chance at the money. If you are lucky, you can win up to $39 million from a slot. That’s right. Someone once one that amount of money at a casino.

Of course, not everyone gets to win $39 million or even $1 million from a slot game. However, thousands of people win $100,00 or below regularly.

The Luck Factor

We all get lucky sometimes but seldom does anyone gets the luck required to win slot machines without fail. Instead, most people win sometimes and lose at other times. For casinos, that’s good business.

No one can influence the outcome of a slot—not through skills or strategies. It all boils down to luck and considering these games are randomized; fortune runs out sooner or later for everyone.

By comparison, most table games aren’t as popular or don’t attract the amount of drop and handle slots have. For the uninitiated, a drop refers to the amount of money a gambler bet. On the flip side, the handle is the amount he loses to the casino. 

With Texas Hold’EM, for example, players prefer to take on fellow gamblers rather than bet against RNG software. That way, the house is left out of the money equation unless it charges the participating players a fixed amount.

Modern Slots Encourage Loyalty

Todays’ video slots are nothing like the slot machines online casinos used to provide twenty years ago. The standard slot in 2020 features visuals that rival graphics from Hollywood Block Busters and console video games.

They have soundtracks that entice instead of annoy players. What’s more, these slots come with a plethora of bonuses and story plots that glue customers to the machine like it’s no one’s business.

Crucially, these are the game every casino wishes they had: slots that encourage gamblers to come back. Loyalty means more money spent at a casino and more profits to the house if all goes well.

Of course, players respond to games differently. Some people prefer high variance slots even if they pay sparingly. Others want a game that pays out frequently. Against that backdrop, casinos are always looking for new games to appeal to all players.

To Diversify Game Lobbies

Imagine if all games at a casino looked the same. They had the same graphics, similar background noise and similar payout rates. Well, that was the reality of slot machines for a long time.

Lucky for you, no casino wants to have the same games anymore. Even where an operator leases slots from a single developer, they want to see diversity in the games. And by variety, we are talking about: 

  • Branded slots
  • Classic Games
  • Sports-themed slots
  • Video game-based slots
  • TV show themed slots
  • Celebrity themed games
  • Diversity in features

Players like to sample different games, after all. In fact, some players don’t play the same game twice unless it provides exclusive bonuses or pays out darn frequently.

 To Experiment

When casinos introduce new slots, they aren’t always sure they will make profits from these games. Still, they do it hoping people will like and spend money on the slots. If they are wrong and a slot ends up being a bust, they replace it.

An excellent example is the adult-themed slots that dominated online casinos for a while in the 2000s. People seemed to like them for a few years, and then their popularity declined.

These days, casinos no longer feel the need to offer adult-themed games to make money. Instead, they provide what’s trendy. For example, branded games—those based on Hollywood franchises—are popular. As a result, expect to see more of these games on UK casinos until they lose fame, at which point they will be replaced trendier slots. 

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