Bingo Strategies to Increase Winning Probability

There are a number of strategies available to help increase your chances of winning at the game of bingo. Some work, some don’t. None can possibly guarantee success, but some produce much better winning percentages than others.

You should never pay for bingo strategies and you no longer need to with the five you’re about to read in this article. We’ve scoured the web for the bingo strategies most likely to produce a winner and documented them here.

The quality of the casino provider does play a big role in whether you’re going to succeed or not.

Likewise, there are good and bad games to play to increase or decrease the chances of you winning.

Check out which are the best bingo games for that. So, make sure you choose a reputable and trustworthy casino before putting our tips into action.


The Money Management Strategy

This strategy states sensible use of your budget. Set a total limit for the entirety of your session, whether it’s in a land-based casino or online. This helps you avoid suffering excessive losses. Remember: only play with what you can afford to lose.

What you want to do with this strategy is double your next bet when you lose and half your bet when you win. That way, you will always be up after your last winning hand. If you have an unlucky break and lose a couple of games consecutively that mean you hit your limit then you need to be disciplined and walk away.


The Little Opponent Strategy

The fewer opponents you face, the higher the probability of you winning. That is how the little opponent strategy works. This will take a little research in advance to work out which bingo games are frequented the fewest before you enter. Given that the game itself is a sociable game it may not be so easy to come across too many small games.

The drawbacks of the little opponent strategy are that the higher probability you have of winning also means the profits will be much smaller simply because of the lack of opponents competing.


The Gambling Strategy

The Gambling Strategy requires you to purchase multiple tickets to play multiple games. Similar to playing the lottery – the more entries the have the better your odds of winning.

If there are 20 players and you all have one ticket, then you have a 5% chance of winning by the law of averages.

If there are 19 other players each with 1 ticket and you have 5 tickets, then you have a 21% chance of winning.

The disadvantage of this strategy is that you have to bet more but if you can match this up against the prizes at stake then you will know whether the risk is worth it or not.

You also need to take the fairness of the game into question. If you have four times more chances of winning than everyone else, then you might not be the most popular player in the room.


The Auto Function Strategy

Many online casinos today offer a variety of functions for their users to take advantage of.

One of these is usually the auto function. This allows the system to check off your numbers for you, taking the stress out of missing one whilst you’re chatting to friends in the live chat option, or doing anything else at the same time as playing the game.

This is particularly useful if you are implementing the previous strategy too, of playing with multiple tickets.


The Bonus Strategy

One of the most popular strategies if to take advantage of bonuses offered by the online casino providers. These can be unlocked by playing the game, being a loyal member or simply a sign-up offer.

These bonuses allow you to play for free essentially, without putting any additional funds in your account.


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