Is There a Way to Become a Blackjack Master?


Blackjack is one of the few casino games that have certain elements of luck and skill combined. It isn’t considered to be a complete game of chance like roulette or slots, but it also doesn’t offer quite the same levels of mastery as a game like poker. The fact that a number of players throughout history have become famous for being highly skilled at blackjack shows that it can be learned to a certain degree of expertise.

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Blackjack is a Game of Strategy

There is no denying that because blackjack requires players to bet on every hand before they have even seen it, there is a certain degree of chance involved. Games like poker, on the other hand, allow players to see their cards before they have to put chips into the middle. However, this doesn’t mean that players can’t incorporate a blackjack strategy. Indeed, because of the low house edge in the game, there is the potential to use tactics when playing.

Professional blackjack players use mathematics and probability to decide whether to hit or stand on any particular hand. There is a generally accepted range of ways to act depending on the hand you are dealt with and what the dealer’s up card is. For example, certain hands like double eights, nines, or aces should nearly always be split, but if the dealer’s up card is a seven, ten, or ace you should stand on the nines.

Expert players memorise these charts and know exactly what to do in any situation. By combining this with betting strategies like the Martingale system, they can put themselves in a good position to win.

Some Players Have Made it to the Top

The fact that there are well-known blackjack players who have risen to the top of the game shows how it is possible to reach a level of expertise. Anyone hoping to become a professional blackjack player should read some books about the greatest card sharks who ever lived.

Stu Ungar is one of the most famous blackjack legends, as he was also well-known on the poker scene for being one of the few three-time World Series of Poker Main Event champions. Ungar was said to be the best Gin Rummy player in the world as well. The fact that The Kid could play all of these games to an expert degree showed his impeccable understanding of mathematics and the odds of drawing a certain card.

Some of the other best-known blackjack players include Dana White, who is the current president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The 50-year-old picked up a $2 million win once and has been known to have had other hugely successful sessions at the felt. Don Johnson is another world-famous blackjack icon. A former Philadelphia Park manager, one of his biggest wins was $4.2 million at Caesars in Atlantic City.

If you are someone who is thinking of taking their blackjack game to the next level, you can find some motivation in the fact that it is possible. Some players have risen to the top of the game by honing their mathematical skills and tactics in order to deal with any situation.

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