Expected Value In Betting And Understanding How It Works

Probabilities do not involve a person’s way of thinking naturally. For this reason, it is hard for the human brain to understand its phenomenon. Human beings had no imagination about 70, 000 BCE before the Cognitive Revolution. People could not express or even grasp the concept of things that did not physically exist. Therefore, the probability was out of the issue. 

The primal instincts are remnants of the past, as with the fight or flight responses. Although we still have those intuitions, through the process of learning, we now have the imaginary abilities. While these occurrences don’t come naturally, humans can now think of things like religion and money. 

During math class at school, some discussions were about statistics and probability. Learning all those difficult topics makes individuals think of when will those discussions applied to real life. Thus, the truth is, people are using it every day. 

In the world of sports, particularly in betting, the probability is everywhere. Well known events such as Breeders’ Cup odds, El Clasico picks, to any other matches, or even casino gambling, they all involve predicting possibilities and chances. 

However, people evaluate wagers in easy terms, noting only the quantities to be lost or won. For instance, the lottery is a perfect example. The occurrence includes enormous winnings with a small amount of cost, so people just easily place wagers without calculating the chances of winning. 

One way to differentiate a winning pick to a losing one is to take a look at the odds. Whenever a bookie sets a market for an upcoming match,  they measure the odds based on statistical analysis on past performances a particular team encountered. 

Any ruling an individual makes on the money markets must be in the computation of an Expected Value. The predicted value is calculated as the right probability multiplied by the likelihood of a reward being correct, subtracted to the chances of being wrong multiplied by the wrong compensation.

Moreover, the Expected Value is essential. It implies the average of an experiment’s repetition in the long-run of experimenting. It also measures the expectations of punters to lose or win odds placed on bets over and over again. Positive Expected Value means gains over time, whereas Negative Expected Value means loss over time. Thus, the higher the Expected Value, of course, the greater the wager value. 

Value Betting

A crucial way to effective betting is to discover situations for Value Betting. When a punter makes wagers out of the value that the odds identify, then it is what all about Value Betting.

The betting based on its value is the capacity to recognize an advantage on the exchange against a bookie. If a bid priced below its true worth, then it provides value. Thus, if individuals believe that the chances of a particular event are higher than the likelihood that the bookie will assign, then bettor will place its bet

People need to define value bets and wager on them to become a capable punter. It is not as easy to place a bet that provides importance as searching for odds on favorites. Although the latter is more likely to win than not, this does not imply the odds provides value.

In the meantime, the answer to effective long-term betting is to understand the likelihood of an outcome. Also, to recognize where the market is out of touch. 

Furthermore, sports are unpredictable, but the phenomenon of expected value is not. It can be an argument that anybody who knows and can use Expected Value with small-scale of sports experience will benefit from more betting. This affair is opposed to anybody who has an excellent understanding of sports but does not comprehend the Expected Value. 

Even if an individual does not deliberately calculate the Expected Value, one is doing it intuitively almost every day. Deciding not to accelerate your vehicle is a way of calculating the Expected Value. Although the chances of getting a breach of speed are relatively low, thus, one may not accelerate if the credit risk of getting traffic disobedience is unacceptable. 

Same as to having a flight to catch, one is more likely going to depart home going to the airport to get a decent interval of time. For this reason, it makes it almost impossible for an individual to lose the flight if uncertain circumstances happen. For instance, a long queue at the check-in counters, or a misplaced ticket. 

Therefore, Expected Value can be of use in real-life situations we face and create to maximize our usefulness and restrict our possibilities to danger. 



In a nutshell, Expected Value taught to us in our learning years is essential not only for passing the curriculum but as well as to our everyday living. 

Thus, it also has the utmost importance in betting knowing about the downside, how much can you do, and the probability of things to occur. 

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