Is Blackjack Card Counting Still works?

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Black-Jack Card counting, we all saw or heard about it somewhere.

What does it really mean? is it still viable in nowadays casinos? and what about Online Casino?

When talking about black-jack card counting, first we must learn some basic history and game principle.

In the past the Blackjack game was played differently. The dealt cards were used in the game and then separated from the rest of the undivided cards. The cards mixed again only when they were dealt three quarters of the deck. All this made it possible to predict the cards that had to leave, whether they were low or high. This is how the blackjack card count was created. This practice gives the player a great advantage over the casino. However, at present measures are being taken to prevent counting, especially in casinos where cameras are used and many decks of cards that are mixed during all the time. As for online casinos, card counting is impossible because the cards are dealt randomly and their value can not be predicted.

How to count blackjack cards? The objective naturally in blackjack counting cards is to gain an advantage over the casino. It is clear that all games give the casino some advantage to generate constant profits for the house. That’s why players can win only if they use methods to reduce this advantage by using card counting to make a profit. The safest procedure works best with three people.

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Player # 1 This player sits at the table and starts counting according to his specific system. If the table is “hot”, or is profitable, it gives the second player a signal to sit at the table. He can even change his playing style if he does not take the counted cards.Player # 2 This comes to the table when the first one is already playing for a while. Most profits are made that way. Since he was not at the table when it was “hot”, he can not be suspected of counting cards. The dealer can also count the cards dealt to control the game.Player # 3 The third player is pure distraction. This person, usually a woman, sits at the table and starts talking a lot and loudly. Your bets are tremendously high or low.


How to count following the Hi-Lo system? The Hi-Lo system is probably the most used to count blackjack cards. In this system the “current account” technique is used so that each card must be counted and has a certain value. The objective is to determine the proportion of high or low value cards. The cards are counted in the following way: high value cards (aces and tens) are -1, medium cards (7, 8, 9) are 0 points, low cards (2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) ) are 1 point. If the total count is between 14 and 16, it means that many low cards are already dealt and there are still many undelivered high cards. Then, this moment is considered that the table is “hot”.The one who wants to determine the balance of a Blackjack deck should also include a second factor in his calculation. This is the so-called True Count or True Count. As you should know, the value of the cards is more accurate when we approach the end of the game. A significant value is only obtained if you divide the current value by the estimated number of decks remaining in the stack. I give you an example of small calculation

Current value (+4) - estimated remaining cards (2) = True count (+2)

If the value of the result is still positive after this calculation, the chances are very good to get a decent profit with a high bet. Therefore, the True Count can be used in blackjack games as a more accurate current value calculation. However, it is required to have an eye to see the number of decks remaining.Is it prohibited to count blackjack cards?Offline No, it is not prohibited in casinos but of course it is not well received. Most casinos do not allow counting cards. That is why a lot of security cameras are used, whose retransmissions are used to control players who place excessive bets in an irregular manner. In these cases you will be asked to leave the casino and you will be banned from access. The croupiers are also numerous to be able to observe the players well.On-line No, it is not. This is because it simply does not work online. To be able to count blackjack cards, you have to have a certain number of decks from the beginning of the game and they do not mix often. In online casinos, the cards are mixed after each hand and distributed randomly. A fictional deck is used only in 888 casino blackjack games, but it is still difficult to use this strategy profitably.

Real examples of blackjack counting cards One of the best-known examples of counting cards in reality is the team of MIT players in Boston. This theme has been presented in the cinema, in the movie “21”. The goal of the student and the teacher was to earn money to pay for college. The players of the team have bet on the aforementioned scheme where three people participate. The professor was basically a simple investor who financed the entire operation.



Is it Possible to Count Cards in Online Casinos?

The player can influence the development of the game by using a correct Blackjack strategy. But you should know that the tactic of counting cards in a physical casino does not work in online casinos. It is not possible to know how many cards are in a blackjack game of an online casino.

It may be played with 3 or with 7 complete decks. There is no fixed number, nor is it possible to guess it through the screen. However, in a physical casino the player can watch the deck continuously.

You may think that if you know how to count cards and are able to do it quickly, you may be able to make money in the long term. Unfortunately this is impossible since the cards in the online casinos are shuffled in each hand so each move is independent of the previous one. If online cards were allowed, there would already be computer programs that would do that, allowing many players to win at the casino.

In physical casinos it is also forbidden to count cards, although if you have enough experience and speed, it can be done. If a player is caught trying to count cards in a physical casino the dealer will invite him to leave the table and probably the venue. So if you want to use this “trick” a lot of practice is necessary to avoid being discovered.

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