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    Roxy Palace is a British online gaming company fooling the public since 2002. About 230000 people have paid the price for trusting this online casino giant with their real hard earned money. They have increased their corporate value through fake reviews and enormous online promotions.

    Roxy Palace Bonuses and Promotions

    A 100 percent welcome bonus and 50 free spins might seem as a wish come true but sorry to shatter your dreams the spins are rigged, and the bonus is forfeited when you try to withdraw your balance. You can opt out of the game at any time, but it’s addictive gameplay bounds you to try your luck and lose money. Professional gamblers have also tried their hands on its unlucky wheel and lost a considerable amount of time and money trying to build a fortune. Roxy Palace has promoted its con play through numerous sites and ads convincing people throughout the world of their legacy. A simple fact is that earning 10 million Euros in 2015 was not possible without stealing from its customers. The whole algorithm is stimulated to give away little amount of money to convince the innocent players that it is legit and when the players raise their bets they get nothing but disappointment.
    Roxy Palace

    Roxy Palace Payments and Withdrawals

    Roxy Palace is a mind-wrenching, unfathomable leach when it comes to payments.  The minimum withdrawal is 4000 US Dollars per week that too for people who have won a sum that is five times or more than their total purchase. At this rate, a newcomer is sure to be ruffled up and lose his money trying to win the game. A very nice way to pickpocket, without letting anyone know. It is a wonderful scam with wonderful lights and violet delights, but in the end, that’s all it is an outrageous scam.
    Roxy Palace

    Roxy Palace Customer Care

    If the game and payments are scams, the Roxy Palace customer care is straight away crime. They pick up your phone they reply to your emails, but they always have a very shitty reason ready for all your troubles to which you can’t deny and can’t reply. Don’t just hear what we say give it a try yourself,

    UK (Freephone): +448000518938
    UK (Local Rate): +448458723524
    Canadian (Toll-Free): +18888588246
    International (Toll Free) +17702610098

    Follow this link to mail

    The Final Verdict

    Don’t go there, don’t look at it, don’t hear what it says, and don’t see what it displays. It is a big bold SCAM. You have a better chance of winning a lottery than in this so-called online casino.

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    Roxy Palace

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