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390 ratings

Not Recommended

  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin
  • Active Since: 2016
  • How To Join: Invitation Only
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Posh Casino Review

After receiving high amount of complains about Posh Casino, We started our review hoping for the best and unfortunately we were disappointed.

At first look it may look welcoming for the average visitor, but the moment you start looking deeper you find a very worrying image.

We were trying to look for the registration license and it seems they made it extremely hard to find. We should clarify that RTG is a very suspicious regulation to begin with (The regulation Posh Casino Uses).

Our impression just got worse when we were trying to find company behind of push casino.

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Why Posh Casino Might be a Scam

we tried this online casino as any other regular costumer and we have find many difficulties trying to have the real feeling of a casino.
Sort of playing but we already know the results.


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Is Posh Casino Safe?

According to the complains we got, There is not such a thing as wining when the casino made the rules of the games.

The posh casino game provider is not something we can trust here, Players noticed that it is impossible to have more than 3 strikes in a row.


Platform Issues With Posh Casino

The Casino site is not compatible with smartphones.
The general impression we had is that the sites works very slow, The poor games quality doesn’t help much.

Posh Casino Fraud Alert

Reasons To Stay Away From Posh Casino

Whether you are from the USA or Europe, There are countless of other viable options with much better reputation.

Also, The casino might be legit but we believe that there is a reason why so many players are complaining.

Can you withdraw fund out of Posh Casino?

The complains about Posh Casino are quite similar, Shady terms and conditions and issues with getting your funds out of the account.

Also, There are many other complains about games odds manipulation.

To summarize, Just pick a safer option, We have made it very easy for you with our trusted casinos ranking.


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Not Recommended

18 thoughts on “Posh Casino”

  1. DrAmigo2 says:

    how does posh casino still exists after so many reviews ??? shut them down

  2. MariMendiola says:

    Well, I’m reading this today- waiting for my first payment. My withdrawal of $2500 was approved after 8 business days. I have 3 more pending at 1 a week, approximately. I have found that other sites that are considered scams do pay, you just have to be persistent. It is NOT ok and as a customer you should not have to hassle a company to pay what they owe you- but luckily I received my payment from planet7 after filing complaint with askgamblers- use that site if you are owed money and want results!! I shall update in a couple of weeks regarding how my payment is going or went with Posh.

  3. Russ7132 says:

    Posh Casino was great when they first started. I used to recommend their site. I loved it. I had great success playing there, HOWEVER, once you get ahead of the house, they will do whatever it takes to get you to leave and never come back.
    I had several withdrawals a couple of years ago. Then suddenly I could no longer deposit with BitCoin. Then I am notified that I was only allowed one deposit per month. Then they apparently told their customer “service” people to just lie to me about why I was not allowed to deposit.
    Every couple of months i would come back and try again. Every time I asked why I could not deposit BitCoin I was told the “processor” made the decision based on some kind of ‘fraud’ I had tried to commit. Finally, I actually was told that Management had made the decision that I was not wanted there any longer because I was ahead of the house.
    So it is fine to keep taking a players money deposit after deposit, but as soon as a player starts winning they are banned. Great ethics. You couldn’t pay me to play there now.

  4. gizmo7 says:

    another bad posh casino review – what a surprise 🙂
    Thanks guys

  5. queenlissa says:

    is anyone having luck with getting their money back from posh casino?
    thanks for the review btw

  6. monica61 says:

    Stay away from posh casino – I second every single word here! Any more reviews?

  7. MADLOSER says:

    Still trying to get my funds back from posh casino
    the reviews say it all – just pick another honest and enjoyable casino

  8. JJGFA says:

    I see posh casino reviews are just getting to rock bottom!
    great job!

  9. jakobus77777 says:

    i saw some positive posh casino reviews and they are all fake!! – finally honest review! Bravo!!

  10. skinnyjewel says:

    OK, I’ve read every review here. I started playing at Posh this past February. I have had no issues getting paid. They’ve actually been upfront with me on the phone and on their online chat when I asked them when I would be receiving my winnings. I have always gotten paid. Now with that in mind, the only thing I don’t like is how long it takes to receive my winnings. It’s usually 10 business days for them to approve, another 8-10 days to arrive at their payment processor, and then between 5-10 business days for the wire transfer to reach my bank. I have won multiple times and prefer playing here because of the “no wagering requirements”. You just have to be willing to wait for your winnings.

  11. daveatmt says:

    Total scam, they just in one second declined my 200 withdrawal and wiped out the 426 out of my account. It was money that I won ($100) winning a free slot tournament. At least I never put in any money, they didn’t even send an email or anything, just 426 gone.

  12. Bea52Bea52 says:

    Hey guys just read all the reviews on Posh casino where do I begin been a member for maybe 3 years had great VIP host been a regular depositor in good standing until I won a measly $200. After like I said have deposited thousands well it took an arm and a leg to finally receive a wire transfer after about 10 weeks. The accounting department a guy named Lewis and so many others kept lying to me about the time it would take to get my money. It’s obvious they do not care about the customer even a loyal weekly depositor as I. How stupid of them not to deliver my winnings promptly an old saying comes to mind don’t bite the hand that feeds you. So after the fiasco waiting for 10 weeks to get a wire transfer I kept depositing but again I won another 200 measly dollars. So giving them the benefit of the doubt here I am again on July 19th I put in for withdrawal it’s September 21st and I’m still waiting for a wire transfer u******** believable. So take it from someone with plenty of experience don’t do as I do they must need the money more than we do I wonder how they sleep at night probably pretty good they have no shame. They used to even answer my emails regarding the delivery of my money now they don’t haven’t heard a word from Lewis or the whole accounting gang since I asked them please not to lie to me anymore about when I was going to receive my money . So I guess they took it to heart at least they’re not lying to me anymore that’s about the only good thing I can say about Posh casino. In closing I am forwarding this comment and yours to Posh casino because I am honest and do not like speaking ill of anyone unless I say it to their face or if I can’t see them this is how they know. I will surely keep you posted regarding if I ever do get my wire transfer and you guys keep posting it as well it’s a good read if anything else helps me vent. Oh one more thing like I said I’ve had two VIP hosts they got rid of the first one Javier.I heard through the grapevine that they got rid of him because he didn’t sign up for this. That’s all I heard but it was probably for mistreatment of the customer. Now I have Victor wonderful guy I make him laugh he says we have nice conversations just shooting the breeze how sad it would be if he was a part of this casino’s behavior. But life is full of disappointments and you move on thanks for listening.

  13. binkey01 says:

    Between November 2, 2020 and the 5th of November 2020 I won 10,000.00 dollars. I made sure all of my documents were filled out and all required ID was received. I was told that I needed to make sure my banking information was correct. I did all that was requested of me. I waited and waited and nothing. I contacted the casino by every means possible and promise after promise after promise but still nothing. I started withdrawing my request up to 5000 and playing them back. I did this because two request of 2,500 dollars each disappeared from the pending list. I was told that they were approved and awaiting wire transfer. It is now January 1,2021 and still nothing. Posh if you see this complaint, please let me know what is the reason for the delay since you no longer ecept my emails.
    Thank you

    1. dena0924 says:

      Did you ever receive payment?

  14. steve91195 says:

    In early December 2020 I won $2000. I have had trouble with them before as they paid very slow but I thought maybe they had cleaned their act up. I made a withdrawal after the $245 was taken out for the bonus. $1765 was approved. Not only have I not seen the money yet but they have now deleted my account! I guess they got tired of me asking about my money!

    They suck. Waste of time and money.

    1. dena0924 says:

      Did you ever receive paYment

  15. Debsplay says:

    I have been waiting since September 7 for a payout. Every time I contact them, I am told that they have a new company responsible for getting withdrawals completed. It has always taken longer than any other online casino to pay, but this is ridiculous. There is no hesitation to take your money but paying takes forever. I have resigned myself to the realization that I will never get this money AND will stay away from POSH!!!

  16. bolobear13 says:

    POSH Casino is a real crap shoot. I have been playing there for over 5 years and I have won many large jackpots. Over the years the payout has been taking longer and longer to reach my account.

    Back in December I was on a major winning streak and required 7 payouts. I have seen no money. I tried to reach customer service but no one would reply. After finally reaching an agent they said my 1st payment was in process. So two months for one of 7 payments. They also informed me that my VIP status (witch was level three) had been canceled. This means no more juicy 400% codes anymore. Kinda seems counter intuitive to a real casino where the bigger the fish the better the perks. 

    Posh does not support winners so my opinion is don’t even start playing here because it is a money trap. 

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