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Safest Online Casino – The 6 Steps Road to the Safe Side

Since 2011,  online casinos are legal, but not all countries have regulated online gambling. The search for the safest online casino has become a key objective for players.

It is important to compare and learn more about the casino before starting to play online, to avoid disappointment and to save time and money in the future.

Hence, It is not enough that the data has been transferred securely to the online casino, the standard among the safest online casino brands have changed.

Once the most sensitive data is in the hands of the casino, how do we know that it will not be sold or misused?

There are some guidelines to differentiate reliable online casinos from those that are not, and thus make sure that it is not a suspicious business.


These are the 6 essential requirements for an online casino safety

1. Variety of payment methods offered by the Casino

Each casino offers its customers several payment options, which generally include payment by credit or debit card, electronic wallet or offline payment.

It is convenient that the online casino that we choose accept the most popular payment methods:

Credit Or Debit Cards

MasterCard, Visa and Maestro are some of the most popular credit and debit cards among online players.

Visa and MasterCard are, perhaps, the two most renowned and trusted credit cards throughout the Globe.

If you like one of the two, you can be happy because they are included among the accepted payment methods in most online casinos.


The best, always, is to keep all the money in one place. That, fortunately, is completely possible if you use one of the many electronic purses that exist today.

Among the most popular are PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Neteller and EcoPayz. Of all of them, Skril is, perhaps, the most used in online casinos.

As a result, PayPal and Neteller are also very common.


Even if you do not have a credit or debit card, you can remain an online player if you use an offline payment method.

All you need is to select an online casino that allows you to make deposits through an offline payment system, such as a bank transfer or a virtual check.

The greater the variety of payments offered by a casino, the greater the possibility of trusting the casino.

This option is usually rare and featured by the safest online casino.


2. Transactions with encryption

The security of a casino is a quality that users value above all else. So safe casinos will boast about it.

To find reliable online casinos, the first step is to look for pages that present the so-called secure encryption technology.

This means that all financial transactions are carried out using state-of-the-art technology that prevents pirates (through viruses, Trojans, etc.) from obtaining player data.

The method of transactions with encrypted information is also used by the most important banking institutions and credit card companies in the world.

If we feel safe using ATMs or buying through the Internet, we should not be more afraid to make transactions in online casinos.

Most casinos have an account history feature with which you can check all the financial transactions made on the page.

In case of any doubt, or even some conflict, you can always check all the information of the movements in such casino.

Consequently, You simply cannot be among the safest online casino sites without proper encryption.


In addition, you can see the quality of software security of an online casino, if you discover the type of encrypted technology they use.

SSL and / or RSA are crucial inscriptions:

1. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology to establish an encrypted link between the web page server and the search engine.

This link ensures that all data circulating between the website and the search engine are kept private.

2. The RSA algorithm function in modern computers is to encrypt and decrypt messages.

It is a cryptographic asymmetric algorithm that uses two different keys.

One of the keys can be delivered to anyone and is called as the cryptographic public key.

The other key is kept private. In this way it is difficult to find both keys.

In addition, The RSA algorithm allows online casinos to store player details in separate databases and on different computers.

therefore boosts site security, In the remote case of a casino being jacked up, you wont be able to get the player’s full data.

The information encrypts that all the online casinos that we offer on our pages use are really safe, offering their clients reliability and the confidence of having their money safe.

Posh Casino

Not Recommended

Zodiac Casino

Not Recommended

Yukon Gold Casino

Not Recommended

Grand Mondial Casino

Not Recommended

Tradition Casino

Not Recommended



3. License of the Online Casino

An online casino must have a valid license which is recognized authority regulation.

This means that a local jurisdiction has issued an official license for the casino and can legally control it.

If a casino does not have a license of this type we should not play in it, surely it is an illegal one or that does not meet the necessary security requirements.

Once a casino has a gambling license, This is the first and most important step to decide wether its safe or not, It means that they are regulated by their local authorities.
Most of the judicial powers that issue the licenses have a wide range of strict laws regarding the operations of online casinos.

So if the online casino is not maintained within the framework of the legality provided by the license.

players can submit complaints to the institution that has granted jurisdiction to the casino.

hence If the casino has nothing to hide, you should see your casino license on your homepage.


How to Check the Online Casino License?

You can find the license  usually at the bottom of the page, along with copyright information.

You can also find license information at “About Us”, “Terms and Conditions” and / or the page about “Political Privacy”.

The most common licenses are granted by the authorities of Curacao / the Netherlands Antilles, Gibraltar, Malta, the United Kingdom, Alderney, Kahnawake, the Isle of Man and Costa Rica.

Keep in mind that players must be vigilant if the casino license has been granted in Costa Rica.

Although there are many pages of games that get their license there, the restrictions of the authorities when issuing licenses are lower.

For example, Costa Rica does not restrict operators that have players from the United States and many other territories.

The only rule that online casinos licensed in Costa Rica follow closely is the prohibition of Costa Rican players.

In addition, The Safest online casino sites will always present their license loud and clear in their site, as in the example below:


Safest online casino license



4. Software Used by the Online Casino

A secure online casino will most likely have software from a trusted provider.

Some of the big names of safest online casino platforms – PlayTech, Rival, Cryptologic, MicroGaming, NetEnt, Odds-On, RTG, Boss Media and iGlobal Media.

Microgaming and NetEnt are two of the biggest names in the online gaming industry and supply their games to most online casinos.

For them, holding a license is an aspect of vital importance, Or in other words, it would be very strange to find an illegal casino that uses its services.

Playtech is also a company with a name in the market, It is somewhat less strict than the previous ones.

In conclusion there are some other possibilities  of finding an online casino with certain deficiencies when it comes to customer service.

But how do we test the security and confidence of the software?

A casino without a license will not allow you to use the programs of the best known software providers.

Software auditing firms test the software of online casinos to make sure that the games that the casinos show are reliable.

To do this, they run the games a million times and make sure that the casino standard is valid.

In this way, they ensure that the player’s experience is as authentic as possible.

Some of the auditing companies are eCOGRA, TST (Technical Systems Testing), Thawte and Gaming Associates Pty Ltd.

As a result, If the casino gets the approval of the auditing company, the casino will get a document or badge of its security online.

furthermore, If you look at the logo of the auditing company on the casino page, you can be sure that the casino software is 100% certified


5. Certified profits

To be among the safest online casino site, transparency is a must!

As a result, the casino brands often publish a report on how much of their income they return to players in the form of winnings.

Most of the casinos show reports of the last months.

To make sure that the reports are reliable, it is best to check that the reports was made by an independent accounting firm, such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers.


6. The Brand and information of the Casino

The reality, the safest online casino sites that will offer you the best payments are those that already have an established brand.

Although it is true that the more known the brand, the greater the bureaucracy.

The legal casinos have an informative section that is usually named ‘We’ –  On this page you have to look for information.

the information should absolutely transparent such as the company that develops the game, the telephone number, Location .

Hence, If on this page there are aspects that seem false, it is best to go out and find another online casino.

There is another aspect to take into account, and that many companies are losing, is the personal touch.

Furthermore, Players and customers do not want to lose that feeling of closeness and feel that they are just a number.

This aspect  can only be achieved if the customer service is effective and preferably your native language.



Find the most appropriate and safest online Casino! How? You can start by trying the free games and then move on to the real money casinos. Remember to take advantage of casino bonuses before depositing.

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