Withdrawing from Online Casino – The Ultimate Guide

how to withdraw online casino

Want to withdraw your wins out of an online casino? This ultimate guide will cover everything you need to know.

Withdrawal process in online casinos is often more than just click and wait, there are some actions and steps you should take in order to get it done successfully.

The majority of the casino players only think about putting the money inside the casino fast to start playing as soon as possible.
and when we have a good winning session or winning a jackpot, we start thinking about cashing out.

In the following article, we will cover what factors will affect the withdrawal procedure, how to deal with problematic withdrawals handling and we will provide tips to optimize the withdrawal process with online casinos.

1. Online Casino Reputation and fairness directly affects withdrawal process

The main problem in starts with the time for the online casino approval, A lot of low quality casinos are not too happy to release the winning of the players.

Even if they will release the withdraw eventually, they will try to postpone and delay as much as they can so there is an higher chance you will lose your earning while waiting.

Therefore, It is quite common to see many casinos allows withdrawals only on weekly basis (or worse), while you can deposit any time you want.

Your way of dealing with that is to search for casinos with a good reputation in the first place.

In case you already dealing with such casino site, we will later elaborate on how dealing with them.

2. Withdrawal system accepted by the online casino

There is a wide variety existing casino online withdrawal methods, even for a mobile platforms.
The options will also depend on the place you’re living, which will also have impact on the processing time and on how long will it take for the funds to arrive.

The e-wallets as Neteller and Skrill they are by far the fastest casino withdrawal system.
When choosing the e-wallet method, which should be widely available with most online casinos nowadays, fund are accredited instantly.

It is important to note that you will need to wait further for the money to get the from e-wallet to banking account. This has nothing to do anymore with the casino, its a regular process of withdrawing from most E-wallets.

However, you always can use the money that is already in your wallet to put money in to a different online casino, or any other usage that accept such methods.

Why online casinos are not accepting paypal?

Finding an online casino that will accept paypal deposits is not an easy task, the reason is quite simple.

Paypal offers their users “Buying protection”, which means, the customer has to option to complain and request his money refunded, Paypal will often favor the customer side when it comes to disputing against a business, and online casinos are aware of that.

It will become very problematic when a player loses money and claims that transaction was done without his consent, he can also claim that the casino manipulated the chances against the player, which will be labeled as fraud and almost certainly result in a refund.

Therefore, Most online casinos, and even the best of them will not accept Paypal.


How to withdraw Faster from casino online?

As it was mention before that are factors that affect the withdrawal process that are out of your control , however you can take some action to optimize the time frame.

Planning your withdrawal in advance and not wait for the last moment to make the request is your first step.

VIP Memberships and withdrawals

Becoming a VIP cub member of the online casino you are playing will have great benefits when it comes to withdrawing.

Some VIP memberships offers express withdrawals in some cases even immediate. Hence, in case you play often and you deposit large amounts, becoming a VIP member is definitely worth checking.


Understanding the withdrawal process

Your withdrawal request is normally processed between 4 and 10 business days.

Sometimes you need to send identification documents such as proof of address, ID copy and pictures of your credit cards used, this is a standard procedure also known as KYC (Know your customer).

The KYC procedure helps to prevents frauds and the online casinos are obliged to follow those guidelines in order for them to keep a healthy relationship with their payment processors. Its mainly for the proving that transactions were made with your consent in order to prevent potential compains in the future.

It is worth noting that some casinos might even refund your deposit automatically in case that you are not providing the necessary documentation within the given time frame.

The funds are often wired through a third party which is the processor itself, one of the main challenges of online casinos nowadays is to establish such connection with various payment processors and keep a good and compliant relationship.

Therefore, If you’re having hard time getting your withdrawal, it might be because of the processors demands. So, We recommend providing them with what they are asking, otherwise you might end up never getting your withdrawal approved.

Although customer service is usually available 24/7 in online casinos, financial departments typically work during weekday office hours.

This is the same case with the department responsible for casino security and reviewing your documents and identity if necessary.


The reversible withdrawal

Reversible withdrawal is an option that some online casinos give while you wait for your withdrawal request to be completed.

When your withdrawal request is pending, some online casinos give the option to reverse the earnings request to use the money earned to continue playing.


How to deal with an online casinos scams and problematic withdrawal procedures?

There are few actions you can take against an online casino which giving you hard time claiming your funds.

First and foremost, The payment method that was used for your deposits will determine what actions you can take.

We would like to note that unfortunately, Very little can be done in case you chose wire-transfer method.

However, If you deposited using an E-wallet or a credit card, you can file a complaint, which most online institutions know as “ChargeBack”.


Chargebacks against online casinos

First of all, DO NOT apply for a chargeback request if you have no case, trying to trick and claim funds you don’t deserve will do more harm than good.

Most credit card companies around the world will give you a 6 months time frame to disavow any transactions, There you can use this right if needed.

When it comes to online casinos, there are 2 main claims you can use when talking to your credit card company – Fraud or product not delivered as described.

This is one of the main issues of most online institutions nowadays, Having high percent of complains will damage their payments solutions dramatically.

Therefore, The casinos are well aware and well prepared to deal with such complains and most online casinos have a dedicated department dealing with that.

Once you decide to file a complain, there will be an open case between you and the casino, which the credit card company will inspect based on the proofs provided and.

For more information, you should contact your credit card company since the procedure will be different from one credit card company to another.

You can contact them calling the number that appears on the back of your credit card.


Not Providing Necessary Documentation

A part of processing a withdrawal is providing some specific documents according to the casino policies.

As a result, Many people are not sure whether or not they should provide such documentation in a case of a fraud.

In order for the casinos to “fight” against complains, they are asking for KYC documentation as mentioned above.

By doing this, they can prove that you are the one that actually made the transaction with full consent.

While thinking it might solve the issue, its actually making it worse. You just provided the casino what he needed in order to defend himself against your chargeback case.

Also, If you fail to provide such documentation, the casino might refund your transaction automatically in order to prevent potential chargeback

Keep in mind that this approach should be done in case you were actually scammed or misled.

Generally, You should not cooperate by any means with any dishonest business that tries scams you.



Choosing your online casino should be done carefully. therefore, we always recommend looking for reviews prior playing.

In addition, Understanding the process of withdrawal will prevent lot of unnecessary frustration

Finally, If you are having hard time getting your money out, there are actions you can take as written above.


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