How to Win in Slots

how slots machines work

How to Win in Slots

How slots machines work – The Math behind the luck

Despite popular beliefs, slots machines do not work as most people think.

To begin with, a machine that wins a prize does not cool or stop winning for a time as many believe.

the same happens when they do not win by a long lapse, this is not an indicator that I’m going to win a prize in coming laps.

Meaning, there is no way to predict any upcoming results, each spin is a completely random combination slots.

Theoretically, If you just won the jackpot, there is no reason that you wont win again in the next spin.

On the other hand, there is no guarantee that you will ever win, it doesn’t matter if you already spun for 15,000 times, each spin is completely random.

The RNG is responsible for creating the exact number combination with which users take the winnings.

Once you activate the lever, the wheels with the symbols start to turn and the RNG system selects three numbers that are between 1 and 64.

Each of these numbers corresponds to a position in each of the wheel symbols, are in total 22 places per wheel but more than half of numbers returned within the available 64 corresponds to blank spaces within the wheels.


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The Trick To win in Slots machines

Now with the online casinos there is a very big doubt in its operation.

This is entirely related to the possibility of modifying these games or
their software so that the results are modified.

Given this doubt, it is very important to know that the software of these online games
must go through a quality review and meet certain standards in order to be used.

According to this it is then almost impossible for these games to be modified by the casino.

In any case it is good to remember that this slot game like many other online
or traditional casinos are completely guided by chance and luck.

Since you know the operation of this game and its machines I hope you have completely cleared your doubts about the slots.

slots machines and fake coins

Before performing the operation, the slots machines check the coins through tests.

They reject those that are not of the denomination fix, the foreign ones, the false ones and the washers.

The currencies of each country have their own characteristics:
they vary in diameter, thickness and weight, as well as chemical composition.

Slot machines detect these properties, and the delivery mechanism is activated only when the deposited currency follows the planned route.

play with PayPal casino slots.

While there are many variants, the verification process starts from the slot.
too wide, thick or crooked coins do not pass.

a Probe checks the coin to discover if they have a hole (this is how it detects washers).

Those who pass these tests fall into a balance balanced with precision.

those that give the weight inclined and follow by a lane.

those that do not fall into the rejection channel.

The accepted currency passes through a lane and arrives in front of the magnet.

When passing through the magnetic field of the latter, the coin produces slight electrical charges that slow it down.

The braking depends on the material of the coin, since each metal responds in a different way to magnetism.

Authentic coins only  long enough to follow a path that saves the next obstacle, the baffle. Then they reach a separator and go to the accepted currencies channel.

Coins with excess weight and those less affected by the magnet bounce off the deflector
and fall on the side of the separator that sends them to the rejection channel.


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