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best casino wins

This Guy Puts 100,000$ on Single Roulette Bet and Wins 3,500,000$ – One of the best casino wins ever.

Is it the best casino win you have ever seen – Full Story

While enjoying the end of the year with his friends in the casino of the Conrad hotel, one of the owners of the Havaianas sandals company decided to bet $ 100,000 on the number 32.

He made a tower with all his chips and those of his friends on that number , the roulette turned – and the bank jumped, the 32!

The businessman and his friends had just won 3.5 million dollars.

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In the casinos, it is usual that when someone wins a full in roulette (hit a big bet to a single number), he is taken to a separated room, where he is offered a glass of champagne to celebrate and the payment is carried out by transfer.

best casino wins

By doing this, the confidentiality of the winner and the prize is protected by the casino.

In this case it did not happen, because although it is forbidden to record images inside the casino, at the end of the year there was an atmosphere of celebration and celebration.

Several people recorded the moment and instantly the video went viral.

When you hit the winning number in roulette, the approximately one hundred thousand dollars that you bet, were paid by the bank multiplied by 36 times. About 3’5 million dollars.

When the news jumped to the local media, the businessman said that the prize he won was only $ 50,000.

However, several eyewitnesses say that the amount was spread in the news, bet of $ 100,000 and prize of $ 3.5 million.

The lucky one was Pedro Grendene Bartelle, son of Alejandro Grendene Bartelle and considered by Forbes as the 24th millionaire in Brazil.

He is one of the owners of the Havaianas flip flop company, whose global expansion in recent years has placed him as one of the businesses with the highest growth and profitability.


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